New Information Revealed For Pearl Abyss’ New MMORPG Crimson Desert

New Information Revealed For Pearl Abyss’ New MMORPG Crimson Desert
Credit: Pearl Abyss via YouTube

Pearl Abyss, the makers of Black Desert Online, first revealed their new MMORPG project at G-Star 2019. Their latest title is Crimson Desert, a game where players control armies instead of just individual fighters.

During the reveal at the event weeks ago, little information was made available. There was a website and a teaser trailer until now.

Crimson Desert initially began as a story set in the world of Black Desert Online. During development, the team began to craft a new IP away from their other MMORPG title.

Pearl Abyss has released new information regarding the game.

The first big reveal is of the protagonist in the key art. Macduff is the leader of a man named Martinus, but the son is now struggling with an identity crisis. Macduff leads a team of mercenaries and has to lead them to victory, while also ensuring they survive. Macduff also has a tragic past that will be revealed as the game progresses.

Players will be able to create unique characters and recruit mercenaries on their quest. Pearl Abyss stated that players can wear different clothing and use different weapons to craft unique characters.

Crimson Desert has both a single-player campaign along with a traditional MMORPG. During the campaign, gamers will learn about the different mercenaries and their leaders. There are also political issues across the land that players will learn more about.

Pearl Abyss stated that there will be a vast amount of content for players to explore. It’s unknown if the content from the single-player campaign will also roll over into the multiplayer side.

The team went into detail about the world Crimson Desert takes place. Though there are mercenaries and Macduff’s personal story, the world is filled with fantasy creatures. These enemies are aggressive, making the world a tough place to survive.

As for gameplay, the combat system is “action-driven,” meaning that players won’t have an opportunity to rest during battle.

Previously announced were those leading production of the game. Jason Lung is heading the pack as Lead Producer. Lung previously worked as a Game Design Director for RYL Online.

Crimson Desert will be released on both PC and consoles. Pearl Abyss hopes to launch a beta test sometime in 2020.