Black Desert Developers Pearl Abyss Announce Three Upcoming Multiplayer Games: Plan 8, Crimson Desert, And DokeV

Black Desert Developers Pearl Abyss Announce Three Upcoming Multiplayer Games: Plan 8, Crimson Desert, And DokeV
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The developers behind Black Desert, Pearl Abyss, are back with three new games that should tantalize and inspire even the most diehard fans of enjoyable multiplayer, first-person shooting games. Enter Plan 8, Crimson Desert, and DokeV, a totally new experience that looks absolutely insane and will be coming out sometime in the near future.

The game is an exosuit, which is a genre that follows giant customizable suits full of firepower and other onboard hardware. The player will get one of these exosuits and have to charge into battle against a variety of different enemies with their friends online. It sounds like fun! If Black Desert is any indication of the quality of this game, then it’ll be absolutely great!

Unfortunately, there aren’t many details out yet about Plan 8, but luckily the other two games look just as interesting, and we have way more information about them. First up is Crimson Desert. Next is DokeV.

Crimson Desert is a fantasy style RPG with multiplayer elements, which will follow the player through a magical new world. The game was designed by famed game developer Jason Jung, who originally created RYL Online. Crimson Desert was actually originally created to be a spin-off game for Black Desert but ended up becoming its own project.

That game takes place on a magical continent called Pywel. There, the players of Crimson Desert will lead a band of mercenaries who will be forced to survive in a hostile environment. (I mean, duh, it’s a huge desert.) The main character of the game is named Macduff (not from The Simpsons), and gamers will get the opportunity to play online with friends too.

Finally, we have DokeV. This oddly named game is actually designed for all kinds of audiences. It’s a small, fun type of MMORPG game that has its own Pokemon-style gameplay while also incorporating MMO elements. Within the game world, players will encounter strange little creatures called “dokebi,” which are basically Pokemon clones. They gain power from people’s dreams, which is sure to incorporate all kinds of weird gaming elements into the mix.

What is absolutely crazy about these games is that there are so many different games being created by the same team all at once. There is a lot going on here, and gamers have a lot of great things to expect from this excellent studio. There are no hard release dates for any of the games, but since we already see the footage, the dates should be coming out soon.