BoxVR Has Received A Massive Update With 40 New Tracks and 12 Workouts For Free

BoxVR Has Received A Massive Update With 40 New Tracks and 12 Workouts For Free
Credit: FitXR via Youtube

BoxVR is one of the most acclaimed VR fitness experiences on the market. FitXR, the developers behind this game, have worked with fitness experts to provide a fat-burning, muscle-building, experience using the tools of virtual reality. The game is now receiving a free update that adds 12 new workouts and over 40 new music tracks to the game. This is over 140 minutes of brand new music to punch virtual objects to.

This game is inspired by real-world boxing and exercises. The VR game turns into a fat-burning personal trainer as it challenges players to jab, weave, dodge, squat, and uppercut all during high-intensity workout routines. The game keeps score and always pushes players to try harder and beat their previous records.

The music being added is based on popular player requests. There are over 40 new tracks spanning across tons of different genres. There is 80s Electro, Rock, and Metal. All genre choices were based on a poll released to the game’s community of what music they want to listen to while working out. After a ton of responses on social media, the top picks were added to the game.

There are 12 new adrenaline-pumping workouts added to the game. When these are mixed with the music, they create electrifying routines to burn up calories too. All the workouts have been choreographed by professional fitness instructors to deliver true workout experiences from the comfort of your home.

Fitness challenges will be added each day in January. Each class will get progressively harder and longer as the month continues. This is a great way to keep up with that new year’s resolution and burn some extra calories at the beginning of the year.

This is one of many fitness games that hopes to help users lose weight from their own homes. BoxVR provides a wide array of choreographed routines of varying lengths and intensity. Play the game in single-player mode or with up to five other people in real-time challenges.

Players can create custom workouts to push their own limits further and add endless content to the game. With custom workouts, players will never know what is coming in the next challenge creating an environment of improvement.

VR Fitness Insider has awarded BoxVR Best VR Fitness Game of the Year. It has a community of over 100,000 players looking to revolutionize their workout routine. The game can be purchased via Steam for PC or on PlayStation VR.