Overcooked! 2 Winter Wonderland Has Been Released On All Platforms, Time For Some Co-op Cooking Madness In A Land Full Of Snow

Overcooked! 2 Winter Wonderland Has Been Released On All Platforms, Time For Some Co-op Cooking Madness In A Land Full Of Snow
Credit: Team 17 via Youtube

The final 2019 update for Overcooked! 2 has arrived, bringing Christmas joy into the chaotic kitchen experience. The game is being packed with new challenges, menu ideas, and Christmas cheer.

Overcooked! 2 is a kitchen simulation party game. You must create meals at a high speed by running around and maintaining multiple stations. The game comes with a multiplayer feature letting fans split up the work, but sometimes this can cause more trouble then it stops. The new chapter of Winder Wonderland creates a Christmas challenge for fans to share with their families during the holiday season.

You and your friends are on a winter trip around The Onion Kingdom. Naturally, you decide to go camping in the snow and enjoy the holiday season amidst the cold blizzards and ice. Danger strikes as a Hangry Horde in a nearby castle attacks, and you and your friends must fend them off by creating tasty treats.

Thankfully the Carnival has left behind their cannon, and you can use it to get to those hard to reach places. Remember to use it responsibly as you load up and prepare for some winter cooking action. The snow is packed, the decorations are set, and all that is left is for you and your friends to feed the Hangry Horde.

The game revisits previous level concepts and tweaks them with Christmas twists. Themes are taken from Campfire Cookoff, Night of The Hangry Horde, and Carnival of Choas all come crashing together in this new Winter Wonderland challenge. Five brand new levels, all in the snow, forces you to create comforting dishes with two brand new chefs.

Each theme is present through new kitchens. Each kitchen brings new seasonal recipes, including roast dinners and hot chocolate. Watch out for the hordes of hungry cookies and candy canes that have come to eat your food, and eventually, you.

Overcooked! 2 brings all the holiday cheer and fun into one final event that will cement the game into the minds of fans. The cooking challenges, special cosmetics reskins, and new recipes will keep all players on their toes. Hopefully, the hot stoves will keep the frostbite away. 

You can find Overcooked! 2 on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. The update is available on all platforms completely free for anyone who owns a copy of this game. So sharpen your knives and prepare for a holiday challenge that will push your digital cooking to new heights.