Microsoft Trolling The Internet? Posts On Twitter The First-Ever Version Of Its OS– The Windows 1.0

Microsoft Trolling The Internet? Posts On Twitter The First-Ever Version Of Its OS– The Windows 1.0
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft posted on Twitter a short clip introducing Windows 1.0. and people were understandably confused about the reason why.

The clip comes with the text, “Introducing the all-new Windows 1.0, with MS-Dos Executive, Clock, and more!!” This is followed by a surprise emoji and an icon of the Floppy disk.

They are not sure whether Microsoft is serious or just trolling the Internet. The tech giant definitely did not give a context for the post.

One follower, Jay, asked, “Guys, are you seriously okay?”

To which, Microsoft replied, “Never been better! You?”

When Jay followed it up with a question on why Microsoft would do this, the company replied that Windows 1.0 comes with Reversi.


For the younger generation, the Reversi was one of the pioneer DOS games that came out in 1985. It’s a strategy board game that might have kept your parents up all night.

The Windows 1.0 is what started it all for Microsoft which, as of April 2019, has already a market value of $1 trillion.

The reason people were confused is that the anniversary of Windows 1.0 isn’t until a few months away. The first Microsoft 16-bit graphical interface unit was commercially launched on November 20, 1985. Meanwhile, not many people know it, but Windows 1.0 was actually unveiled two years earlier in 1983. But the technology wasn’t quite ready at that time for a commercial release.

Reversi was instrumental to Microsoft’s success because it served as an instructional tool to help people become familiar with a mouse. Windows was envisioned to be a program that relies heavily on the mouse. If people didn’t accept it then, Bill Gates would have been back to square one.

When it launched, Windows 1.0 was peppered with criticisms, mainly because of its overreliance on the mouse.
But then again, people quickly warmed up to the idea. For one, the mouse eliminated the need for them to type complex commands for a simple task. They can just point and click.

If anything, the tweet from Microsoft takes consumers on a quick nostalgia trip. The short clip is accompanied by a familiar 1980s music–the drone chords, keyboards, and snare sound. The iconic Windows logo is also shown in reverse order, starting with Windows 10 going back to Windows 1.0.

Whether or not Microsoft is trolling the Internet, kudos to the Windows team for this tweet.