Liege Dragon Is Another New KEMCO RPG headed for Xbox One and PC

Liege Dragon Is Another New KEMCO RPG headed for Xbox One and PC
Credit: Steam XO

KEMCO features another RPG that brings players back to a classic fantasy experience. Retro fans will find a familiar UI in Liege Dragon as players navigate the land in search of a very evil dragon. Save the world with legendary tools on your preferred platform.

The publishing company KEMCO helps many JRPG style titles reach a wider audience. By publishing these titles the company keeps the JRPG genre alive and well-helping fans find the games that they love and enjoy for hours. Liege Dragon is only one of many to go through KEMCO and come out with a classic design.

Enter into the Blaze Kingdom which has been thrown into disarray after the evil dragon Abigore is revived. You play as protagonist Yuran as he witnesses his village being destroyed. Take matters into your own hands and find a way to bring down this evil ancient foe.

The quest begins with players locating the powerful Dragon Tools. These are the weapons of the Three Heroes which were used to originally battle the mighty dragon. Yuran has the fate of the world resting on his shoulders as he gathers up a group of friends and goes on an epic quest to save the world.

Between Yuran and success are hordes of enemies. Players must battle through turn-based encounters which will take a classic turn. Experience frontal combat with the traditional nameplate on the bottom of the screen. As you choose actions for each hero players will watch as the effects explode before their eyes just like RPGs did several years ago.

Explore the world and find Sorcery Stones which can be used to acquire new skills for each of the heroes. Use bonds of friendship to launch team attacks in unison as you complete this magical adventure.

Scattered across the land are tons of magical items, weapons, quests, and monsters to defeat. Players can find hours on entertainment in this deceptively simple game environment.

For more information be sure to explore the game’s Steam page or KEMCO’s main website. There are sure to be videos of this and their other JRPG titles for fans to embrace as they search for their next big adventure.

Liege Dragon can be found on Xbox One and PC. Players can purchase the game for the price of $12.50 on their preferred store. This is a great classic adventure for any RPG fan looking for another quest to sink their teeth into.