Ruinverse Is A New Indie RPG From Kemco Headed For iOS And Android Devices

Ruinverse Is A New Indie RPG From Kemco Headed For iOS And Android Devices
Credit: KemcoGames via Youtube

Kemco is releasing its latest roleplaying game RPG Ruinverse that will be bringing a new turn-based adventure to fans. Enjoy a compelling story in a unique and strange fantasy world.

The game revolves around a soft-hearted transporter named Kit and his childhood friend Allie. The two friends start off on a wild adventure to a mysterious stone mountain in search of a cure for Allie’s condition. Meet a team of misfit adventurers as they travel through a magical land of danger and hardship.

Allie has a condition where she has a second soul inside of her. Whenever she comes into contact with Kit, her closest friend, the souls swap places, and her entire personality changes.

With the help fo a third-rate swindler, a physician, and strange dwarf players will travel the world to aid Allie in her plight. Experience moments of triumph, hardship, and fear as you travel along an unforgettable journey that will enchant RPG fans across the world.

Use the in-game skill trees to allocate skill points and personalize all the characters. Choose whether to master one single skill or learn a variety of magic and talents. Each character evolves based on your design, allowing you to create a unique build.

Take on tons of different and unique bosses that drop powerful equipment. Take on tactical turn-based battles with unlimited challenges as you attempt to progress further into the narrative of the game.

If this is anything like Kemco’s previous games, this should be a standard fantasy adventure that calls back to the classic era of JRPG styled adventures. Build your own team of heroes as you travel across a magical land.

The game is supported by most modern devices. There is even an option for players to experience the game using a controller. Make sure your device is up to date before downloading this title.

Enjoy a pixel-based world full of carefully crafted characters. The world looks like a classic JRPG with the difficulty to pair. Navigate a deeply compelling world as you become enchanted with the colorful characters and vibrant lands that cover the world.

RPG Ruinverse is available on iOS and Android devices for $8.99. The game does contain Ads and offers in-app purchases to make the gameplay slightly easier. Travel to distant lands, fight on multiple fields of battle, and take on enemies that will rival gods. This is a fantasy world that is ripe and ready for exploration.