Leaked PlayStation VR2 Patent Reveals Three Built-In Cameras And Possible Wireless Functionalities

Leaked PlayStation VR2 Patent Reveals Three Built-In Cameras And Possible Wireless Functionalities
Credit: Waterfields1 via YouTube

With the gaming industry focused on the upcoming release of the new PlayStation 5, many of the forthcoming products are left on the hindsight. But one of the latest gaming accessories emerging from the corners is the upcoming PSVR 2 with improved capabilities.

Recently, a new leak regarding the PlayStation VR2 has next been found in a Dutch-owned LetsGoDigital. The article claims the new VR gadget from Sony will have three built-in cameras and the possibilities of wireless functionality.

A photograph of the possible virtual reality headset has been spotted to have multiple cameras. Given the description codes, 1210 and 1220, the new VR headset will be equipped with a front camera and a back-facing camera.

PSVR2 also appears to be wireless because no external wiring can be found on the proposed patent. Although no definite descriptions about the new VR headset can be found, the pictures might only be for portrayal purposes.

The endorsed utility patent also shows to have several setup options providing a new level of wear-ability and comfort. This is an element missing in most of the released VR accessories in the market.

On top of the three cameras, Sony might also be adding better functionality to the Move controller. The Move controller is a wand capable of allowing players to interact with video games through motion. Sony will also be adding the improved cameras to enhance the head-mounted display of the headset.

Another feature being teased with the new PSVR2 is the addition of a new feature, “transparent mode.” The new VR accessory’s transparency support will simultaneously work with VR games. This new feature will allow players to fully see their virtual environment before immersing themselves into the game’s virtual dreamscape.

The new feature of the PSVR2 is expected to delineate the meanings of AR gaming and the possibilities of incorporating MR (Mixed Reality) into the virtual world. The new VR also suggested a two-point display capacity. This means the VR will have a 3D stereoscopic ability and would be able to support 3D-enabled PS games.

Sony released the previous VR headset, which was a major flop for the gaming tech giant. The upcoming PSVR2 would be equipped with some of the latest innovations in VR technology. Sony expects the new VR accessory to stand out despite its predecessor’s shortcomings.

While most of the manufacturing giant’s competitors are veering their gaming services to cloud streaming, Sony still paves the way for VG games with accessories that truly incorporate new technology in the 3D environment.