Corsair Breaks The Ryzen’s 5ghz DDR4 3000-Based System While G.Skill Launches The Core I9 256GB RAM Kit

Corsair Breaks The Ryzen’s 5ghz DDR4 3000-Based System While G.Skill Launches The Core I9 256GB RAM Kit
Credit: Gaming Till Disconnected via YouTube

Just days ago, Corsair went into hyperdrive by releasing the first line of DDR4 RAM, expected to break the Ryzen 3000-based 5GHz system barrier. The 16GB Vengeance LPX kit features two Micron-based 8GB modules, which have a running capacity of 5GHz and a timed CAS latency of 1.5 volts at 18.

This might not be enough for some who have seen overclock speeds above 5.7GHz, but consider that these are done using exotic cooling. Corsair did promise to bring a different kind of product guaranteed to perform an all-time overclocking performance. The new 5GHz Vengeance LPX Memory Kit is their answer.

Although the gaming giant fulfilled their promise, they are charging a whopping $1,225 for the new processor. But there’s a catch to all these brouhahas. The new 5GHz module won’t be able to hit their expected rated specs with just the use of any motherboard or CPU.

You would need to have your computer rigged with an AMD Ryzen 3000 processor and get an MSI X570 or equivalent motherboard.

So to sum it up, using any of the following AMD models: the MEG X570 ACE, Prestige X570 Creation, MEG x570 Godlike, or the MEG X570 Unify would give you the rated specs. Aside from getting Ryzen and any of the X570 motherboards, you also need to have the latest BIOS update.

Though these were the recommended hardware, Corsair would have possibly validated their new RAM kit using these specific components. In many sense, as most test drives are concerned, this might not even be the guaranteed working breadth of the original Vengeance LPX.

On the other hand, G.Skill just launched a new and enormous 256GB RAM kit. Announced this week, G. Skill also confirmed the existence of the 256GB, which will be used on the X299 Asus Rampage VI motherboard. The RAM will also be available for the Core i9-9820X CPU.

This is a highly important component with its 16 at 1.35 volts CAS latency. The RAM kit will also be fully-loaded with an 8 DIMM Trident Z Royal Series setup able to hit the mentioned JEDEC-spec DDR4 3200 clock speeds.

G.Skill also mentioned that 1.2 volts running on 8 32GB modules will be much safer for those who would like to be on the safe side. The new 256 RAM Kit will have a CAS latency of about 19, securing the memory voltage.