League Of Legends’ Seraphine Has Shared Her Journey On How She Managed To Pursue A Music Career

League Of Legends’ Seraphine Has Shared Her Journey On How She Managed To Pursue A Music Career
Credit: League of Legends via YouTube

K/DA is shining a spotlight on its newest collaborator this week with the second episode of the group’s comic series, “K/DA: Harmonies.” The episode, which explores how Seraphine joined the group as a collaborator, is now available on the League of Legends Universe.

Last week, the pop group released the first episode titled “Akali.” In the episode, fans learned about K/DA’s dynamic as a pop group and how the members’ four different voices and personalities blend together to create the group’s overall sound.

Today’s episode opens with a view of Seraphine’s bedroom. Her walls are lined with posters depicting K/DA, League’s Star Guardian champions, and one even featuring former Royal Never Give Up ADC Uzi. While recording a song from her bedroom studio, Seraphine is interrupted by a phone call, and much to her surprise, it’s Ahri on the other end of the line. The K/DA leader proposes an idea to Seraphine, who excitedly accepts the proposition, and asks the aspiring musician to keep their agreement a secret.

Seraphine later reminisces about the conversation during a shift at her café job. She clocks out early to go busking but receives a call from her father on her way out. He advises her to give up her pursuit of a career in the music industry, but she’s only further inspired to continue the climb after meeting up with K/DA.

During another work shift, Seraphine’s coworker Ben suggests she quit her job to better manage recording and rehearsal. After Ben shyly urges her to follow her dreams, Seraphine rushes out the door, handing Ben her apron, and sets off to pursue her musical career. She later meets up with K/DA for another round of practice.

Last month, K/DA dropped their pre-release single “THE BADDEST” to give fans a glimpse of their upcoming EP. Seraphine also released a couple of songs on her SoundCloud, including a cover of K/DA’s “POP/STARS.”The group’s first EP will release later this year, although there is still no official date. In the first episode of “K/DA: Harmonies,” Seraphine and Akali talk about an upcoming trip to Shanghai, the location of the upcoming League of Legends World Championship.

K/DA are one of the most popular skinlines in League of Legends and the success of the group directly correlates with skin line sales as per Riot Games. If this year’s song will get as popular as POP/STARS, then most likely the skinline will become the best-selling skinline in the game.