Iwaihime Horror Visual Novel Coming To Steam In English Tomorrow

Iwaihime Horror Visual Novel Coming To Steam In English Tomorrow
Credit: Cosmic Nava via YouTube

Publisher ShiraVN and developer DMM Games have announced the English release of the supernatural horror visual novel game Iwaihime on Steam. The game was created by the same writer, Ryukishi07, who wrote the visual novel Higurashi When They Cry, which was recently adapted into an animated series.

Iwaihime features the sons of the Susuhara family, who immediately leave home once they reach the right age. They want to become independent men, especially Suzumu, the latest to depart from home. Now living alone, Suzumu attends Susuda Prefectural High School.

After having some issues attending the school as a Freshman, his entry was delayed. As a transfer student, Suzumu feels left out as his classmates of Class 2-A have already bonded without him.

A teenager named Toe Korokami grabs his attention. This young girl is always holding a Japanese doll tightly. As an outcast, the other classmates have begun to spread rumors about the girl and her doll. They believe the doll’s hair grows when no one is looking, that it’s cursed, and otherwise a creepy doll.

Suzumu and Toe will cross paths. As he gets to know her, he learns there’s more to her than what’s on the surfaces. Their meeting was decided by fate, but Suzumu doesn’t know what the future holds for him after getting to know this mysterious girl.

The protagonist’s life is more complicated than only getting to know Toe. He will meet various characters, including a distant relative, plus the school nurse, and someone who becomes a trusted friend. The Steam page is currently available with more information about the game.

The visual novel was initially launched in Japan in January 2016 for the PC and then later for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. Since the game wasn’t translated, English-speaking fans couldn’t play the game until now.

Iwaihime features visual novel style gameplay similar to other titles. Players follow the story and then are given prompts to make important decisions. The story path will branch according to these decisions. Depending on the path players have chosen, they may get a chance at love or an even worse fate.

The game will only have Japanese audio, but multiple subtitles. The languages will include Japanese, English, plus Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Iwaihime is currently available to wishlist now on Steam. Those looking forward to the release can also access the free demo available now. The demo will introduce players into the world of Iwaihime, showcase the visual novel gameplay, and feature a few of the characters.

Iwaihime launches on PC via Steam on October 23.