Interstellar Rift Is A Unique Space Adventure That Has Just Left Early Access

Interstellar Rift Is A Unique Space Adventure That Has Just Left Early Access
Credit: Split Polygon via Youtube

A new space sandbox has just received a massive update as Intersteller Rift moves from Early Access to full release. This title is moving from a developer build into a full release with new enemies, resources, and mechanics ready for players to manage and master. Prepare for a unique world of starship simulation.

This title is a open world starship simulator that puts a special emphasis on ship construction and multiplayer interaction. Enter the vast deadly void of space as you try and survive a hostile galaxy. Join other players as crew, challenge rival fleets, and fight across the entire game.

Enter into a world of starship simulation that mixes multiplayer interaction with ship construction. Survive in a hostile galaxy as you fly predesigned ships, or create your own custom ship. Play with other players and enjoy the unique and evolving world of galactic wonder.

Using the in-game ship editor players can craft their own special custom spaceships. Explore space in a vessel of your own design or use prebuilt templates to speed the process along. Some players even use ship templates from the workshop and enjoy custom content.

This title is designed for both PVE and PVP experiences. Strange rifts unleash a hostile alien race across the galaxy seeking to wipe out life as people know it. There are also other pilots who will look for vulnerable ships to hack their way aboard and steal their cargo.

Enjoy an interstellar economy of products as you gather resources and then sell them on the Galactic trade. Set up your own store and trade your cargo and materials with players from all over the stations as you try to make a few bucks off of limited situations.

This title sports a massive universe just waiting to be explored. From spacial rifts on confirmed bubbled of space players will encounter unique opportunities to expand their wealth and understanding of the universe.

This is a very unique title with a dedicated community. Now that the title is no longer in Early Access fans have a higher chance of being able to experience the full galactic world that the developers initially designed for fans to play in.

Interstellar Rift has been in Early Access for five years. Now, the game is available in full for only $20.00 from Split Polygon. Enjoy a unique space adventure in a galaxy far far away where players build and manage their very own ships.