Human Fall Flat Community Level Competition Winners Announced, With Two Levels Coming To The Game

Human Fall Flat Community Level Competition Winners Announced, With Two Levels Coming To The Game
Credit: NoBrakesGames via YouTube

Way back in June of 2019, No Brake Games announced a competition for the community; build the best level for Human Fall Flat, and earn yourself $10,000.  The competition was open for the world, and No Brake offered a comprehensive level editor for the community to explore and work with.  Although countless levels would ultimately be sent in for the competition, only one designer would get the coveted cash prize, along with their level immortalized by coming to the base game of Human Fall Flat.

That was the idea, anyway.  No Brake Games and Curve Studio actually ended up selecting two separate designers, giving them both the cash prize of $10,000, aand bringing both of the levels to Human Fall Flat sometime in 2020.

Perhaps not everybody won, but more than anyone thought that would.  The result of the development studio actually doubling the reward instead of picking between the two speaks volumes in terms of what the upcoming levels actually hold in the future for fans of the wonky puzzle and physics game.

The games will be joining other maps that have come to the goofy platformer, bringing the total of officially added post-release maps to seven; Steam, Ice, Castle, Aztec, and Dark.

The first winner is the map Thermal, made by Manuel Nowak.  The map brings a fantastic opportunity for booth collaboration and betrayal, which is a fundamental key to successful levels within the title.  It’s currently available on Steam as a mod, so you can explore it prior to No Brakes Games putting their polish on it.  It’s an absolute blast to play through, and it takes fantastic advantage of the movement system displayed in Human Fall Flat.  Arguably, however, this level is at its absolute best when it’s played with friends.

The second winner is the map Factory, designed by Tyler Ehninger.  Factory plays a bit better in solo-play but hosts adorable easter eggs in the form of hidden radios around the factory seemingly designed to kill Bob’s.  Beyond the crafty easter eggs, you can also opt to tackle the puzzles presented in any manner you wish, which is perhaps a break from the more linear levels displayed thus far.

Like Thermal, Factory can be found on the Steam workshop right now; you can explore and work your way through the contest winner before a bit of polish is applied.

Both of these fantastic user-crafted levels are ultimately going to come to Human Fall Flat, so if you’re on a console, all you’ll need to do is wait just a little bit longer.