Update 1.1.0 For Ghost Recon Breakpoint Has Unfortunately Been Delayed; Won’t Be Here Until January

Update 1.1.0 For Ghost Recon Breakpoint Has Unfortunately Been Delayed; Won’t Be Here Until January
Credit: GameSpot trailers via YouTube

Ghost Recon Breakpoint was pegged to be an incredible tactical shooter, featuring adrenaline-pumping combat and open-ended environments. Although some of these aspects turned out great, a lot of issues reared their ugly head. They caused a lot of mixed reactions amongst the gaming community.

The developer — Ubisoft — has since brought out a couple of updates to fix issues users have had the most problems with. One of their biggest updates was going to change a lot of aspects as well, but unfortunately, 1.1.0 is being put on hold. That’s according to an official announcement from Ubisoft. According to them, they want to make sure the patch is of the highest quality until it’s introduced to users.

That means it won’t be available until January. Needless to say, fans are not too happy. They were expecting a major rehaul on the 18th of this month, and unfortunately, that’s not going to be possible. Although delays are to be expected, they tend to get gamers anxious about what’s to come.

If fans are able to hold out until the new year, then 1.1.0 could be worth it in the end. There are a lot of changes being brought with it that should improve the overall gameplay. For example, a bevvy of bugs are being addressed as to give gamers a user-friendly experience from the beginning.

That’s important to note because there have bee so many issues that have caused frustration out of the gate. For example, enemy AI hasn’t been the best. There are video clips of players literally sitting behind a wall and picking off enemy after enemy as they stupidly approach. These sort of experiences can be fun for a couple of minutes, but they eventually grow tired.

Update 1.1.0 is also expected to bring a Terminator event, which involves stopping the T-800 from taking out human threats. On paper, this sounds like an amazing event. The T-800 is one of the most iconic antagonists in cinematic history, and seeing it added to Ghost Recon Breakpoint sounds like a pretty incredible time.

Who knows how strong it will be and what resources the developer will give you to take it out? If you can wait just a little bit longer, then this update could in fact give us the tactical shooter experience that we’ve wanted since the beginning.

There aren’t any promises, but it’s important to acknowledge Ubisoft owning up to their mistakes in a game that’s a little too close to previous titles they’ve made. Let’s see if this rehaul can salvage this game.