How to look for marcel in sniper elite 5 

How to look for marcel in sniper elite 5 
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To find Marcel in Sniper Elite 5, he will be in the resistance hideout at the southwest junction of the task area.

Head to the next area to find a yellow brick house. From the main entrance to the house, go left to find some vines running from the ground to an open window. Use the creepers to get into the house.

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Inside the room, you will find Marcel’s corpse near a table on the ground. Rob his body to reach the key and other objects.

While the location of his hideout is pretty straightforward, the way to find Marcell, take his key, and open his safe is easy to miss.

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Marcella’s hideout is in the bottom left corner of the Mission in the same city as the target of the kill list Steffen Beckendorf. Sneak or fight your way past the Nazis in the town until you reach the yellow building in the bottom corner of the map, as noted above.

If you go inside and into the upstairs bedroom, you can see the safe hidden by the bed, but without Marcello’s key, you won’t be able to open it. So it would be best if you heard the answer outside the building to take the key and find Marcella. On the front and back walls of the building grow green vines that grow to an impregnable third floor.

That’s all there is to learn concerning how to locate Marcel in Sniper Elite 5.

And talk to them to move the floor panels out of the way so you can fall. Now you can proceed to the restroom and access the safe with the brilliance files. Catch them, and you’ll be tasked with taking them to a small farmhouse north of town.

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Now that you know how to find Marvel in Sniper Elite 5 make sure you have Steffen Beckendorf on hand, so you’re ready to earn points and complete the available missions.