Untitled Goose Game Takes Place In Alternate Timeline? Margaret Thatcher Chased Out Of Office By Irascible Bird

Untitled Goose Game Takes Place In Alternate Timeline? Margaret Thatcher Chased Out Of Office By Irascible Bird
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The new game Untitled Goose Game has pretty much no storyline. You are a goose whose main task is to wreak havoc on a small village, and that’s about it.

The goose wasn’t supposed to be playing politics. It treats everybody equally–like garbage. It’s a horrible goose, after all.

Last week, game developer Paolo Pedercini tweeted a clip of the goose running away with a stem of a rose. He then remarked that the goose doesn’t really feel bad about messing with the small villagers because they are all “Brexiters.” Brexiters are a term used for people who support the Brexit.

He then tagged developer House House asking if the villagers are all Tories. To which, the developer replied that their game takes place in an alternate timeline. In their reality, Margaret Thatcher was still Prime Minister who is chased out of office by the goose. This triggered a Bennite revolution, which led to the decline of the Tories. The villagers where the goose came from are actually “Marxists.”

It’s not clear if the developer responded tongue-in-cheek, but at least they gave some insight about the game. It does feel better to make their lives miserable when the villagers are not as innocent as they seem.

The Untitled Goose Game has become low-key viral. It even spawned some memes like when the goose invaded The Legend of Zelda, for instance. The goose also showed up on the Playable Teaser game. And it seems scarier than the ghost Lisa as you know that the bird is up to no good. Nothing worse than being ganged up by a goose and a ghost.

Meanwhile, the Untitled Goose Game apparently wasn’t originally called that way, said the report from IGN. According to Stuart Gillespie-Cook, the developer for House House, they called it Goose Game when it was in development. However, when they uploaded a clip of the game for the festival, they were still undecided about the name. So they registered it as Untitled Goose Game. And it stuck.

Developer Jack Strasser also said they received numerous suggestions from fans about renaming their game. Among the suggestions were “Metal Goose Solid,” “Wild Goose Chase,” “Duck Duck Goose,” among others. But they already warmed up to the name, Untitled Goose Chase.

The Untitled Goose Game was released by publisher Panic Inc. on Sept. 20, 2019. It is available for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, and macOS.