For Whatever Reason, Online Matchmaking Will Not Be Available For The Halo Infinite Co-Op

For Whatever Reason, Online Matchmaking Will Not Be Available For The Halo Infinite Co-Op

The eagerly anticipated Halo Infinite co-op beta went live earlier this month. Co-op, which enables you to play the Halo Infinite campaign with others, functions as expected, except for a few technical issues that were unique to the beta version.

However, it won’t be as simple to find other players as it might be because the game doesn’t have online matchmaking for unknown reasons.

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You are erroneous if you believe that this restriction is present solely in the beta version. Xbox reps claimed they had no plans to make it simple to join a co-op game with strangers without first looking online or via the Discord channel in response to a GamesRadar inquiry about the odd lack of matchmaking.

An Xbox representative said that the final iteration of the co-op “would not support online matchmaking.” However, “While playing the beta, we encourage you to continue connecting with players utilizing Halo LFG and the new Discord audio communication tool for Xbox.”

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Discord recently became integrated with Xbox systems, albeit activating it isn’t that simple. However, it will definitely be less simple to instantly create a team with strangers than visiting a Discord channel or the Halo LFG website to form a group.

Getting into the game now would be more trouble than it’s worth if friends didn’t want to play the Halo Infinite campaign eight months after its initial release. Unless, of course, you are an ardent supporter.

It should be simple for beta testers and early adopters to find a group to work with on the LFG list or Discord channel. But it will be much harder to organize a cooperative game with strangers online if the desire to play co-op surfaces, say, in a year. The Halo Infinite beta will be playable by up to 4 people and will last until August 1st.