Horizon Zero Dawn PC Port Briefly Listed On Amazon France Before Getting Pulled

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Port Briefly Listed On Amazon France Before Getting Pulled
Credit: Sony

Earlier this week, a listing for a PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn was added by Amazon France, which further fueled the rumors that the Sony exclusive title will come to the platform at some point. However, since being discovered, the listing has been pulled, but it does seem that HZD will be coming to the PC soon, likely before the beginning of the next console generation.

As of right now, neither Sony or Guerrilla Games have commented on Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC, but given that it was just listed and pulled from Amazon, it’s probably safe to assume that an official announcement is imminent.

News regarding a potential PC port for Horizon Zero Dawn broke back in December. Also, in conjunction with the HZD to PC rumor, a follow-up report by Kotaku claimed that it won’t be the only PlayStation exclusive that’ll get a PC port in the coming years.

Of course, we do know that Death Stranding, which was originally a PlayStation 4 exclusive, will come to the PC later this year. Additionally, Hideo Kojima’s most recent release runs on the Decima Engine, which was the engine Guerrilla Games used for Horizon Zero Dawn, so we already know that the game is optimized for a PC port.

Over the last few months, rumors have been swirling about a sequel to Guerrilla Games’ 2017 release, as it’s rumored to be a PlayStation 5 launch title. While its development hasn’t been confirmed by the developers, recent job listings for the Amsterdam-based studio strongly suggest that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is currently in development.

Additionally, unlike the first game, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 could feature multiplayer, as one of the aforementioned job openings at Guerrilla calls for someone who has experience with “systems like matchmaking, tournaments, clans, and leaderboards.” The posting also confirmed that the studio is working on an open-world game, so unless they’re planning on creating an open-world Killzone game, the listing guarantees that HZD is in development.

Since being released back in 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn has sold over 10 million copies worldwide, making it an overwhelming success, so it’s not surprising that Sony wants a sequel to the Guerrilla Games title. Of course, the ending of the first game strongly hinted at a sequel.

As for when the sequel will be announced, well, that’s hard to say. But, it’s realistic to assume that it’ll be announced along with a reveal trailer whenever Sony decides to officially reveal the PlayStation 5.