Netflix Reveals The Actor Who Will Play Vesemir In Season Two Of The Witcher

Netflix Reveals The Actor Who Will Play Vesemir In Season Two Of The Witcher
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Since Netflix’s The Witcher was released last December, rumors have been going around regarding who will play the role of Vesemir during the show’s second season, with most hoping that Mark Hamill would get the role. But, while there was a mutual interest between Hamill and Lauren Hissrich, who is The Witcher’s showrunner, the former Luke Skywalker didn’t end up landing the role.

On Friday, Netflix finally revealed who will play Vesemir in season two of The Witcher, as they tweeted out that Kim Bodnia will play The Continent’s oldest living Witcher.

For those who haven’t played the games or read the books, Vesemir is, as previously mentioned, the oldest living Witcher at around 350 years old. He’s a father figure and mentor to Geralt of Rivia, who spends every winter at Kaer Morhen, which is a keep where Witchers are created and trained. Vesemir is an excellent fighter, and being that he’s over 300 years old, he’s amassed a great deal of knowledge about the monsters living on The Continent.

Before Netflix revealed who will play Vesemir in season two, the role was reportedly offered to Mark Hamill. As of right now, it’s unclear why the two sides didn’t come to terms, but we should get more information as to why the former Star Wars legend didn’t end up getting the role, despite his interest in the project.

Even though we didn’t get to see Vesemir during The Witcher’s first season, we did hear his voice as he called out to Geralt during a flashback scene in the final episode of season one. It’s unclear if he’ll play a major role during the second season, or if he’ll be used as a minor, supporting character.

One thing we do know about season two is that, unlike with season one, The Witcher’s second season will be more linear now that the show’s three main characters — Geralt of Rivia, Ciri, and Yennefer — are on the same timeline, as Lauren Hissrich confirmed as much on Reddit last month.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect this to be one of the most hotly-contested parts of the series. I’ve heard a lot of people say ‘I didn’t figure it out until episode four!”‘– which is exactly when we expected people would do it. The people who hated (the timeline) will luck out because season two is structured differently. The story will be much more linear now that all three of the characters’ timelines have intersected.”

The second season of Netflix’s The Witcher will reportedly be released sometime during 2021.