Guardian Tales Has Launched Its Action Adventure On Android and iOS Platforms For Mobile Fans

Guardian Tales Has Launched Its Action Adventure On Android and iOS Platforms For Mobile Fans
Credit: Koolio Games via Youtube

Guardian Tales had a soft launch several months ago but now the game is full announcing its free-to-play epic adventure to fans. Enter a land of retro-styled levels and dungeons for players to enjoy. This mobile adventure is a charming journey for any RPG fan to enjoy.

Recruit allies, find items and solve puzzles. This is an epic free-to-play experience for both Google Play and iOS devices. Be warned, this title does contain minimal microtransactions. Prepare for an epic fantasy adventure.

Enter the world of Kanterbury. This is a world in turmoil from Invaders’ attack. All of the world is waiting for the legendary Guardian to appear and defeat the evil invaders.

Players will have to solve complicated in-game puzzles in a traditional RPG fashion. Lift boulders, throw explosives and find secret paths to discover the amazing treasure hidden around every corner.

This combat requires fast reflexes. Dodge, duck, dive and defeat powerful foes and massive bosses in a strategic action experience. This game revolves around innovative combat mixed with a deep and fulfilling narrative.

Explore a dangerous dungeon challenge as you take down behemothic bosses. Evil is around every corner, and only the Guardian can bring back the light.  This mobile title is not just a PVE experience as the game includes PVP  features. Assemble three heroes and face other players in real-time combat experiences.

Collect from over 50 heroes and 100 different weapons each with their own unique abilities and powers. Level and increase your heroes abilities to try and become a masterful RPG fan.

Customize your personal floating castle. Decide its themes, colors, and the way your heroes will live when not busy saving the world. This is your digital sanctuary filled with your gear, heroes, and rewards from many different adventures.

Explore a game filled with a main story quest, events, side quests, and rewards. There is so much potential in this mobile title. Fans only hope is that the game continues to prioritize adventure over microtransactions. Great titles like this are often flooded with microtransactions and ads making it an unplayable experience for fans.

Fans that are interested in Guardian Tales can find more on their devices store. Kakao Games Corp has a website with more information about this unique mobile title. Fans can join the game’s community through their Facebook, Twitter and Discord pages. Join an ever-growing community of fans dedicated to free the world from evil.