Got $10,000 To Burn? The Gold, Platinum, and Rose Gold PlayStation 5 Units Will Be Available For Pre-Order Tomorrow

Got $10,000 To Burn? The Gold, Platinum, and Rose Gold PlayStation 5 Units Will Be Available For Pre-Order Tomorrow
Credit: Truly Exquisite

Everyone is justifiably excited about the new consoles hitting this holiday season. Whether you prefer Sony, Microsoft, or both, your wallet is going to take a sizable hit in the next few months. If you’re in the market for one of these golden beauties, however, that’s going to be more like taking a wrecking ball to your bank account.

Truly Exquisite, a London-based retailer of luxury goods, will be selling three distinct versions of the PlayStation 5: 18k rose gold, platinum, and 24k gold. Not everyone loved the white design of the PS5 that was shown off a while back. At least now they have a different, savings-draining option.

Converted from British pounds, the 24k gold PS5 model will retail for roughly $10,000. That comes with two matching controllers and a PS5 3D Pulse headset. If you don’t have quite enough cash lying around but you still want to look fancy, the controllers and headset can be purchased separately.

All three models will be very limited, with the company only selling 250 units of each. There will not be a second run, so if you’re not able to snag one before they’re out of stock, you’ll have turn to eBay, where they’re bound to be resold at a very reasonable price. Does sarcasm come through in text?

Each purchase comes with free international shipping, insurance, and a wooden display box. That last bit is especially important because if you’re spending all of this money, you’ll definitely want to show it off.

There’s good news for those who aren’t a fan of the white model but also don’t have five figures to splurge on a video game console. Sony has confirmed that they will be releasing other special editions of the console at some point. It doesn’t sound like they’re going to be available at launch, but it’s definitely part of Sony’s plans. There’s no telling what they’re going to look like or how much they’re going to cost, but it probably won’t be several thousand dollars.

If you’re one of the few who plan to pick up a golden PlayStation 5, keep in mind that Covid-19 may thwart your plans to show off your pricey new console at cocktail parties.

I’m sure we’re all very curious: is there anyone here who plans to secure one of these bad boys? Anyone have the money but just can’t imagine spending it in this way? I’m dying to know who the market is for something like this.