FunPlus Phoenix’s Mid Laner Doinb Said That G2 Esports Has A Good Shot This Year, But Need To Overcome An LPL Team

FunPlus Phoenix’s Mid Laner Doinb Said That G2 Esports Has A Good Shot This Year, But Need To Overcome An LPL Team
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

Following G2 Esports’ win against LCK team Gen.G last weekend in the quarterfinals of the 2020 League of LegendsWorld Championship, 2019 world champion Doinb said he believes the European champions’ odds against DAMWON Gaming have improved to about 40 percent.

In a video posted to FunPlus Phoenix’s official YouTube channel, translated by Dot Esports, Doinb analyzed the upcoming matchup between G2 and DWG. He explained why he believes DWG hold the advantage and why he continues to root for G2 in the hope of an LPL vs. LEC final for the third year running.

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While he praised G2’s performance in the series, the FPX mid laner said Gen.G were subpar and mistake-prone. Doinb believes that DWG will be far less fallible and have better execution when compared to Gen.G. He also thinks they represent a marked upgrade in quality for the solo lanes.

Doinb hopes for G2 to eliminate DWG and meet an LPL team in the grand finals because he believes that the teamfight-focused playstyle of LEC teams is countered by the “fearless” LPL teams who are willing to clash head-on. He brought up 2018 (Fnatic vs. Invictus Gaming) and 2019 (FPX vs. G2) as examples, both of which were clean sweeps in favor of the LPL roster.

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“Based on Top Esports and Suning’s current condition, there’s a chance for both to win the crown,” Doinb claimed, though he warns that TES’ bot lane has to rediscover their previously imperious form.

Doinb then went back to discussing the upcoming DWG vs. G2 matchup, saying that DWG differ from fellow LCK teams that are known for their intense mechanical and micro skill.

“DWG is a little strange,” Doinb said. “They like to fight. They will go wherever they have a laning advantage and force skirmishes there.”

The FPX star had high praise for fellow mid laner ShowMaker, who’s shown throughout the tournament that his Summer Split MVP was well-earned. Doinb believes that ShowMaker has altered his playstyle from a static, hyper-farming core to a roaming, team-focused skirmisher like LCK rival Chovy from DRX.

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He thinks ShowMaker’s ability to win the lane no matter what type of champion he picks makes DRX’s mid laner a scary player. Doinb explained that while other players will be pressured and suffer in lane, necessitating a backup plan such as teamfighting and roaming, ShowMaker will still come out of the lane ahead even on a support-style champion due to his superior teamplay.