Accurate Leaks Might Have Revealed A Future Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter

Accurate Leaks Might Have Revealed A Future Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter
Credit: Smash Bros. Via YouTube

Whenever there’s a new supposed leak of the next roster member for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it’s best to take it with a massive grain of salt. More often than not, these leaks are proven wrong and fans are left disappointed.

However, one recent potential leak might have some more validity to it, as it was released amidst a slew of other leaks that all turned out to be true.

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A post from June 2020, made by an anonymous 4Chan user included a number of claims that turned out to be valid as time went on. One of the as of yet unsubstantiated claims made was the identity of a future Smash Bros. fighter.

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The post in question stated that Nintendo had been in talks with NIS and Falcom for a period of about a year already. It also made the claim that Trails of Cold Steel 3 and 4 were both coming to the Nintendo Switch. That was later confirmed to be true.

The leak went on to say that YS UX: Monstrum Nox would be coming to the West, and that was confirmed on August 28.

It also said that Trails to Zero and Trails to Azure would be “announced soon.” We got confirmation on October 29 that those two titles would be coming to the Switch.

The leaker also claimed, “discussions were made around adding a character to Smash Ultimate,” and confirmed that those talks appeared to have gone well. They went on to say that the character would likely be “pic related” or an adult version of Trials of Cold Steel’s Rean Schwarzer.

But that’s not all. They also said that a Trails of Cold Steel spirit event would be coming to Smash Ultimate as well, but did not note whether it would be tied to a specific fighter.

That being said, just because a few leaks from this post had some truth does not mean that everything reported is written in stone. The fan community has had a difficult time guessing the identity of future Fighters’ Pass characters, with major names like Dante from Devil May Cry, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Master Chief from Halo, and Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden all being rumored at some time or another.

Regardless of which character ultimately gets the green light, it will be interesting to see which gaming universes the remaining four Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass roster members will be coming from.

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As long as it’s not more Fire Emblem characters…