January’s Nintendo Direct Event Could See An Announcement For The Next Downloadable Fighter For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

January’s Nintendo Direct Event Could See An Announcement For The Next Downloadable Fighter For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Credit: Smash Bros. Via YouTube

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the highest selling fighting game of all time. As a franchise, Super Smash Bros. is also the number one fighting game series of all time. In the year since its release, this Nintendo mainstay has remained relevant to the gaming news cycle with a series of DLC fighters joining the battle through the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass.

There are five fighters included with the pass. Four of them have already been revealed and released.

They are:

  1. Joker from the Persona Series
  2. Hero from Dragon Quest
  3. Banjo & Kazooie from Banjo Kazooie
  4. Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury

All eyes have been on Nintendo in recent weeks waiting for news of who the fifth and final fighter will be.

That information might be forthcoming, as Nintendo has announced that it will hold a Nintendo Direct event in January. This comes after the game’s official website noted that players would have the fifth and final Fighters Pass DLC character by the end of February.

Given Nintendo’s penchant for major announcements at Direct events, it feels like all but a lock that they company will be unveiling the fighter at the event this month. After all, it was at the Nintendo Direct event in September that Fatal Fury’s Terry Bogard was announced for the game.

With such huge news on the horizon, players all over the world are venturing their guesses as to the identity of the mystery character.

One fan-favorite option seems to be Waluigi from the Mario franchise. It would make sense for Nintendo to close the Fighters Pass out with one of their own first-party characters. With Waluigi being one of the only major players from the Mario games not to appear as a playable character, the writing might be on the wall.

Rumors of this addition gained traction online when Brian David Gilbert, a video producer, released a video campaigning for Waluigi to have his own dedicated game. This video actually garnered a response from Nintendo America CEO Doug Bowser (who has the best name ever) who posted a clapping emoji and a purple heart.

This led many to believe that there would be more Waluigi content sooner rather than later.

Other majorly rumored characters include:

  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Steve from Minecraft
  • Master Chief from Halo
  • Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden
  • Tracer from Overwatch
  • Dante from Devil May Cry
  • Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Regardless of who the fighter ends up being, Nintendo has found a recipe for success with the Super Smash Bros. franchise. Not only does Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have the largest fighter roster of any Smash Bros game, it was the second most downloaded game on the Nintendo Switch in 2019.