Funko Announces New Line Of Video Game Centric Funko Pops, Including Sheogorath, Tyrael, And More

Funko Announces New Line Of Video Game Centric Funko Pops, Including Sheogorath, Tyrael, And More
Credit: Original Funko via YouTube

Funko Pops have become an extremely popular item over the last few years. They’re a great way for amateur collectors to start off their figurine collection without having to spring the high prices that many figurines often cost.

More than that, they’re incredibly varied, dipping into comics, movies, video games, and other facets of nerddom to bring beloved characters to life in small figures that are more than affordable. While many in the gaming/collecting community tend to bash them – often simply for being popular – they remain a prevalent force that only continues to grow and grow.

And today, Funk announced that they’re growing even more! The manufacturers have announced a handful of new Funkos, bringing some popular gaming characters to life once more. Rather than be a series of related figures, as they commonly are, these Funkos are all iconic characters from their own games.

The new line consists of the following five video game characters:

  • Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness in the Elder Scrolls franchise
  • The Leshen, a forest-stalking monster from The Witcher: 3: Wild Hunt
  • Handsome Jack, a golden figurine based off of the egotistical villain of Borderlands 3
  • Tyrael, Archangel of Justice in the Diablo franchise
  • Purple Skull Trooper, one of the playable characters of the massive battle royale title Fortnite

This array is an incredibly interesting one, as there seems to be little tying them together save for all being gaming characters. Tyrael will be depicted in his angelic form of Diablo II rather than the mortal form he takes in Diablo III.

Additionally, Funko is releasing a line of figures that are closely related to each other, bringing a few figures from Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On to the Funko Pop arsenal. These figures include Ratha, Avinia, Frostfang, and Lute – along with Navirou.

These Pops will be sold as GameStop exclusives, releasing on May 28th, according to Game Informer, one of the children companies of GameStop. It’s interesting to see how these sales will be conducted giving the current social distancing and partial shutdown of much of the United States, or if the company will move the sales online.

That said, GameStop proved back in March that they weren’t too bothered with the thought of ignoring common sense, health, and safety in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company accrued a great amount of negative opinion against them when they refused to shut their stores, leaving their sales associates to risk their health on the front lines and failing to even supply them properly, despite a public announcement that they would do so.