The Medium Revealed For Xbox Series X And Steam Later This Year, A New Psychological Horror Game From Bloober Team

The Medium Revealed For Xbox Series X And Steam Later This Year, A New Psychological Horror Game From Bloober Team
Credit: Bloober Team via Youtube

The psychological horror masters at Bloober Team have announced their next terrifying game. The Medium takes players into an abandoned hotel resort where they investigate a dual-reality. The player’s ability to detect ghosts and see into another world drive the horror aspect on two fronts.

Bloober Team is the same creators behind Blair Witch, Layers of Fear , and Observer. They create a horror environment that warms minds and bends reality. The unique blend of storytelling aspects along with the presentation of the unknown results in a unique experience that is both fascinating and terrifying.

Take the role of a medium who lives between two worlds. Enter both the real and spirit worlds as you investigate a child’s murder. Travel to the abandoned hotel resort which is known as the location for an unthinkable tragedy. As you investigate the location you will quickly find difficult answers that complicate this case.

Investigate in both worlds using your abilities. This will give you a wider perspective on events and allow you to perceive truths that others can not see. The duality of this game is met with a dual soundtrack created by Bloober Team’s Arkadiusz Reikowski and Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka.

Although only recently revealed The Medium presents a unique reality to be explored. The developers are masters at passive horror putting their characters through intense mental trials into worlds that are more then meets the eye. The beautiful graphics mixed with intense music and the environment create a  horror experience beyond simple gore.

If previous titles are anything to go off of, players can expect intense scenes mixed with innovative story elements. The way that Bloober Team crafts stories give an in-depth feel with believable characters and horrible realizations. Their world stay with players and provide them with a story that drives them forward and an experience that breaks them down.

This is one of the many games upcoming the Xbox Series X release. If the game takes full advantage of the graphic capacities of the system, then players are in for an outstanding and revolutionary experience.

More information is available on Bloobbler Team’s main website. The Steam page is already live with tons of screenshots, clips, and more to explore. Taste the world and experience what it is like to be a medium within a haunted reality. The Medium is planned for launch during the holiday season this year, so be sure to wishlist this title for an authentic and terrifying experience.