Scorn Is An Upcoming Horror Nightmare From Ebb Software, Explore A Terrifying Universe With A Somber Undertone

Scorn Is An Upcoming Horror Nightmare From Ebb Software, Explore A Terrifying Universe With A Somber Undertone
Credit: GameSpot via Youtube

Horror is the theme of the next generation as Scorn is announced for the Xbox Series X. This nightmarish world is full of strange creatures, forms, and ideas mixed on a somber background of contemplation and fear. The designers purposefully wanted to bestow players with the feeling of being thrown into the unknown. Lost and alone, players must explore regions and interact with an unsettling environment.

Explore horror in a new world and at your own pace. The non-linear direction of the game allows players the opportunity to explore the world and decide their path. Each area will grant players new skills and weapons along with items that might help make sense of the world around you.

Scorn is an open-ended world with several interconnected regions. Each region has rooms and paths awaiting curious players. The game takes great pride in its environment as the story is presented through small details and the living world around you. There are no cut-scenes in this game, and all of the stories are experienced through the eyes of the main character.

Make sure to keep your eyes open, and maybe take notes as the game will not remind you of important events. Make sure to keep everything in mind, as every detail has reason and purpose. It is up to the clever player to discern the purpose behind every aspect of the world.

Experience a new level of immersion with small tweaks that make players aware of their body and movement. Interactions are realistic with objects being picked up with hands, machines operated by grabbing them and other controls. This added little detail gives the impression of reality to the world.

Be very careful when dealing with items and ammo. Everything is very limited, and players much decide carefully before they take on a fight. Take cover, plan each move, and make sure to consider how your actions might affect the world around you.

This horror game supports several different playstyles, so players should be ready to adapt at a moment’s notice. For more information, be sure to check out the game’s main website and trailer, which is sure to send chills down your spine and make you dream of a strange unknown world.

The game will be released for Xbox Series X and PC via Steam. Be sure to wishlist the title as the Steam page is already live and filled with information.