Former Overwatch League Player And Popular Twitch Streamer, Dafran, Banned for 30 Days

Former Overwatch League Player And Popular Twitch Streamer, Dafran, Banned for 30 Days
Credit: Overwatch League

Daniel “Dafran” Francesca is no stranger when it comes to controversies and blatant showing of his emotions. The former Overwatch League player had a profanity-laced tirade towards his teammate during his stream on November 10.

During a close match in Nepal with the game tied at 1-1, both teams garnered 99% control of the map, and whoever loses the team fight loses the game. Dafran, known for his DPS gameplay, queued for a healer role and was playing Baptiste. His team ended up losing the game, Dafran lost his cool and went on a rather unpleasant rant to the other support player. In a profanity-filled attack, he tells the Ana player to uninstall the game then said goodbye to his stream. “I actually can’t do more,” he said just before ending his 12-hour stream.

Just yesterday, the Atlanta Reign streamer said on his Twitter account that he’s Twitch account is banned for 30 days. Neither side gave the reason why, but he will be appealing the verdict of the streaming platform.

Theories surround for the exact grounds of Twitch’s decision. Some say it was because he laughed at a racial joke; some say it is because he told an off-meta player to “kill themselves.” Just before days that, he also went off to a viewer who typed in chat, “you’re not my hero anymore.” The viewer’s comment came after Dafran alleged his teammate of being boosted. The Orisa player didn’t use the Halt ability while Dafran was using McCree’s Dead Eye. The DPS hero’s ultimate ability can one-shot players within eyesight while Halt can pull enemies from shields. The Danish went his way and reported the tank for gameplay sabotage.

With his insane tracking and mechanics, Dafran was coined to be a prodigy for Overwatch. During his stint with Selfless Gaming, where he played alongside Sinatraa, Dafran threw a game while in broadcast and resulting in him getting banned from tournaments. He later encouraged his stream viewers to do the same for their competitive matches. He then returns to the Overwatch League under the Atlanta Reign franchise but quits after one season. In his TwitLonger post, he announced his retirement, stating that “I would rather be a streamer at this point in life and chill.”

The Twitch-partnered streamer received a new record high of 19,565 viewers just one day before his ban.

Twitch and the Atlanta Reign are yet to make a statement on this matter.