Far Cry 5 Is Free To Play Over The Weekend And Can Be Picked Up Via Ubisoft.com

Far Cry 5 Is Free To Play Over The Weekend And Can Be Picked Up Via Ubisoft.com
Credit: IGN via YouTube

If you’re looking to take down a maniacal cult and enjoy a beloved series that’s gone on to achieve a cult-like following, then mark your calendars for this weekend.

For a couple of days, you’ll be able to enjoy Far Cry 5 for absolutely nothing. Ubisoft is opening the game up to everyone as a way to give gamers something to enjoy while the country is still gearing to open back up.

There are a lot of installments in the Far Cry series, but this particular entry has a lot of great elements. One that certainly stands out is its sandbox design.

There are so many over-the-top action sequences to enjoy right out of the gate. You can race muscle cars to your heart’s desire or just blow up some back roads. The endless content keeps you coming back for more when you’re not enjoying the story.

Speaking of the story, this is one of the more polarizing aspects of Far Cry 5. The cult themes started off in the right direction, but many reviewers feel like it was a wasted opportunity. There aren’t any grand statements that could have been made considering the current political climate that we’re in.

Still, you can’t really fault the developer. They didn’t want the game being divisive and that’s okay because the game still is a lot of fun to play.

Even if you have no prior history of this series, you can pick this installment up and start enjoying action and mayhem.

It’s pretty satisfying taking down this cult, referred to as Eden’s Gate. Their ideas are pretty twisted and their outlandish ways can’t go on forever. Representing the government, you’ll have to play your cards just right to take them down for good.

Exploring this game’s beautiful countryside never ceases to deliver fun experiences. You’ll go on side missions trying to take back these lands that were once free of the rebel cult.

You’ll have a wide variety of vehicles to traverse through these areas too, from fast ATVs to large planes. The further you get in this game, the more cool stuff you’ll be able to earn.

It’s nice seeing Ubisoft take this time to let others experience Far Cry 5 without having to pay a dime. Things have been pretty tough since the coronavirus pandemic, but every now and then, a game company can spread a little cheer in this community that goes a long way.