EDWard Gaming Fined Top Laner Aodi For Unprofessional Behavior In Chinese Solo Queue

EDWard Gaming Fined Top Laner Aodi For Unprofessional Behavior In Chinese Solo Queue
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

LPL team Edward Gaming is taking disciplinary action against top laner Aodi for being toxic in a ranked League of Legends game, according to a post made on their Weibo account, translated by Korizon Esports’ Kevin Kim.

Aodi will have this month’s salary deducted, according to Kevin Kim. This reportedly includes any bonuses he would’ve earned during this time. EDG’s statement on the matter also suggested that the LPL might be considering its own punitive measures against the player.

The unprofessional behavior in question occurred during a ranked game in which Aodi was playing on the Korean server. Keria, the starting support player for the LCK team DRX, was playing on Aodi’s team and was streaming at the time.

Late into the game, Keria was on the top side of the map helping to secure a blue buff for his mid laner. This annoyed Aodi, who had asked Keria to help him in a two-vs-two skirmish toward the bot side just a moment earlier.

Following this, Aodi abused Keria in team chat with reported comments like “i give you mom die” and “FK you.” Aodi then said “FF GO” before initiating the surrender vote.

EDG’s quickly dispensed punishment is likely, in part, due to the strong protest that came from the Korean esports community that’s protective of its young players. Keria, who is just 17, is one of the most promising rising stars in the LCK and has amassed a large following of passionate fans.

Aodi was replaced in EDG’s starting lineup by Xiaoxang over a month ago. Following this incident of toxicity, he might not see any playing time for the remainder of the 2020 LPL Summer Split.

Fines are nothing new to players in China’s LPL, though. A couple of months ago, eStar’s jungler forgot to take Smite and was fined a month’s salary after the team couldn’t remake the game and lost the series.

LPL team eStar Esports punished its jungler, Yan “Wei” Yang-Wei, who forgot to take smite in the first game against Bilibili Gaming, by withholding his salary for one month, the organization announced today.

The team issued a statement via Twitter earlier today, saying Wei forgot to change his summoner spell from ignite to smite, the latter being a crucial spell for junglers. Despite Wei apologizing to the coaches and his teammates, eStar said it would “deduct the salary of Wei this month, and conduct team criticism to prevent such mistakes.”