Doublelift Is Unaware About Cloud9 Not Wanting To Scrim Team Solo Mid According To Travis Gafford

Doublelift Is Unaware About Cloud9 Not Wanting To Scrim Team Solo Mid According To Travis Gafford
Credit: Photo via Riot Games

TSM’s superstar AD carry Doublelift was seemingly taken by surprise when he was told that C9’s ADC Zven said in a recent interview that both TSM and FlyQuest aren’t scrimming against C9 anymore.

In an interview with Travis Gafford, the League of Legends veteran was informed of what Zven said in his recent interview with Gafford. But Doublelift responded by questioning the information before saying he doesn’t believe it’s true.

“What? I have no… literally no way that that’s true,” Doublelift said. “Maybe FlyQuest, I don’t know anything about them, but like no way that that’s true for us. I don’t know what to say other than that would be crazy, maybe I’ll go ask my coaches.”

Gafford asked Doublelift if he was still interested in participating in scrims against C9 and the veteran responded by questioning why anyone wouldn’t want to.

“Yeah, I think everyone would want to scrim C9,” Doublelift said. “What is like the downside? I don’t really understand.”

During his interview with Gafford, Zven said he wasn’t sure why C9 weren’t scrimming against FlyQuest or TSM.

“We just aren’t, I don’t know why,” Zven said. “They just tell us they don’t want to scrim us anymore. I was just told that we won’t scrim TSM or Fly anymore and I was like oh that sucks because Fly was a good scrimming partner and TSM was a good one too.”

Doublelift has been quite active in the past couple of months on social media. He called out Voyboy after he called for Riot to take action against toxic players, yet supported Tyler1 who is known for being toxic.

Doublelift chimed into the discussion with his opinion on how Voyboy’s praise contradicts the solo queue woes Voyboy expressed in previous weeks.

“I think it was pretty funny that VoyBoy retweeted [Tyler1],” Doublelift said. “Cause Voy’s the one who was like ‘Yeah, League solo queue, people leave, they troll, they’re really toxic, it’s the worst it’s ever been’…why are you praising the guy that is extremely toxic and embodies what you hate in solo queue?”

Tyler1 was banned indefinitely in 2016 for the very thing that sparked his fame and grew his fanbase—his unyielding toxicity. Since then, after allegedly seeing the error of his ways, he’s been trying to change the public’s perception of him from the “most toxic player NA” to the “most reformed player NA.” In 2018 Riot Games revised their decision and unbanned him during their evaluation.

Even though he has been back in the scene for over two years, he still occasionally returns to his old ways, sometimes trolling or throwing the game away intentionally.