TSMReginald Releases Statement On Recent TSM Criticisms, Including Yesterday’s Dardoch Incident

TSMReginald Releases Statement On Recent TSM Criticisms, Including Yesterday’s Dardoch Incident
Credit: TSM via YouTube

Yesterday, professional esports and League of Legends organization Team Solomid found themselves in news again after a heavy blunder from Leena Xu, their President of Esports. In the background of Doublelift’s stream, Xu could be overheard discussing the future of Dardoch, a member of Team Solomid.

As huge of an issue as this has proven to be, it’s far from the only problem on TSM’s plate right now. The team has garnered a massive amount of criticism over the recent months, ranging from issues such as the Dardoch incident to things as simple as the team underperforming.

In response to this criticism, Andy “Reginald” Dinh took to social media to release his own statement on the matters. Discussing a variety of recent criticisms, the founder and CEO of TSM had plenty to say.

Beginning with the Dardoch situation, Reginald started off with a personal apology on how the communication of Dardoch’s transfer occurred. The CEO had the following to say:

“My goal has always been about setting a good example for other esports organizations on how to treat players where we balance business interests while at the same time being fair to players. In this case, we did not live up to those standards. We will reflect on our mistakes and make the necessary changes to prevent this from happening again.”

Another issue has been the romantic partnership of professional player Doublelift and Leena Xu, which the majority of the community sees as a conflict of interest. On this, Dardoch had a few simple things to say.

Above all, Dardoch insists that Doublelift was signed because and only because he was the best available option for the position. Reginald and all of TSM want nothing more than to build the strongest roster possible.

Of course, this isn’t the factor that most take issue with. The conflict of interest between a professional player and a President within the same field that the player interacts with is massive and undeniable, especially now that it’s been confirmed that Doublelift is often nearby while Xu talks business.

This means, frankly, that Doublelift is privy to knowledge that no player should be aware of. Similarly, Xu is made aware of issues that only a player would know, giving both insights that shouldn’t be allowed.

Reginald spoke on this later in the later, saying that Leena has no decision-making power over the roster. All decisions fall to general manager Parth Naidu and Reginald himself.

Furthermore, the CEO states that Doublelift is not privy to confidential information and that the status of Dardoch’s transfer is well-known throughout TSM as an organization.

There’s quite a bit more in the letter, which you can read through in the tweet embedded above if you’d like to see the whole story. All in all, Reginald seems set on pushing TSM towards a better, more impressive spot for the fans and teams alike. Time will tell if such a thing can be done.