Due To Lengthy Wait Times, Blizzard Requests That World Of Warcraft Classic Players Switch Servers

Due To Lengthy Wait Times, Blizzard Requests That World Of Warcraft Classic Players Switch Servers
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Players of World of Warcraft Classic are experiencing long wait times on the game’s busiest servers, and Blizzard is now advising them that the only way to avoid this problem is to switch to a less busy server.

For the busiest servers of Classic World of Warcraft, stories of lengthy login lineups previously this week grabbed headlines. Some users claimed they tried to use the client at noon but weren’t able to do so until 8 or 9 PM. Some even logged in that morning and remained there, sometimes moving their mouse to avoid getting thrown out for idleness.

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Yesterday, Blizzard discussed the problem on its forums. Producer of WoW Classic Aggrend commented via PCGamesN, “I genuinely and individually apologize for the situation on these mega-realms.

Please be aware that this is our primary priority right now, and we are working actively on options for the particular worlds that are currently crowded.

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Aggrend continued by outlining the precise measures Blizzard is taking to reduce wait times, the first of which is to halt character formation and transfers to mega-realms in the US and EU. Those kingdoms have been sealed forever, and according to Aggrend, other realms might be locked “without much notice” if their populations increase excessively.

They claimed that adding more layers to overcrowded mega-realms is just impossible and that free character transfers to less crowded servers are the only effective fix.

I want to extend a genuine and emotional thank you to everyone who decided to transfer from one of these enormous domains to FCM locations like Sulfuras-US and Mograine-EU, Aggrend added. I’ve seen a tonne of success stories that demonstrate how relocating to one of these worlds has been beneficial.

Realms like Sulfuras and Mograine are perfect places for people wishing to avoid overcrowded servers because they have incredibly healthy populations and are virtually full at certain peak hours. Eranikus is a brand-new world that players are free to transfer to, according to a recent announcement from Blizzard.