Developers Of Assassin’s Creed Are Investigating How To Reintroduce Multiplayer

Developers Of Assassin’s Creed Are Investigating How To Reintroduce Multiplayer
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At the latest Ubisoft Forward, Ubisoft described how a team of developers has been investigating how to bring multiplayer back to the Assassin’s Creed series. This will reportedly take the shape of a focal point for anything Assassin’s Creed-related. Project Infinity is the current name of the aforementioned program.

In itself, Infinity is not a game. However, executive Producer at Ubisoft Marc-Alexis Côté said, “It’s going to serve as a single entrance point for our players into the Assassin’s Creed brand in the future.” The hub that will effectively bring all of our various experiences and gamers together is going to be called Infinity.

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Project Infinity, according to Côté, will accommodate a variety of experiences, such as those that have fallen by the wayside over time, particularly multiplayer. According to reports, the development team for Project Infinity has been attempting to figure out how to add the kind of multiplayer last seen in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, a game that Ubisoft launched on October 29, 2013.

However, Côté withheld a precise launch date, adding merely that fans of the franchise should remain tuned for additional information, even though this kind of experience might eventually be accessible through the new center. After Ubisoft Forward, Côté delved into a little more detail into regarding Project Infinity.

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The version of Infinity we release won’t be the ultimate version. The developer said in an interview with IGN that it is something that will change over time as our experiences expand and we are able to connect them further. So, I believe it opens up an universe of opportunities for what we can accomplish that go far further just serving as a launcher for our various games.

Project Infinity’s overarching goal appears to be something akin to an interactive launcher for the many Assassin’s Creed games. Côté emphasised that the games we are developing are still the same, but they are now connected via the Infinity hub.