Destiny 2 Agent Of The Nine Friday Reset Exotic Inventory For The Week Of May 8th

Destiny 2 Agent Of The Nine Friday Reset Exotic Inventory For The Week Of May 8th
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

In Destiny 2, players have a few weekly events to look forward to that keep the game fresh and interesting. The most notable and reliable of these are the weekly resets on Tuesdays that offer fresh quests and world events, and the arrival of the exotic weapon and armor vendor named Xur on Fridays.

Xur will stick around from Friday, May 8th, until the next weekly reset rolls around on Tuesday the 12th. For the duration of that time, he will be hanging out on Nessus, specifically at Watcher’s Grave. Players can offer the mysterious salesman legendary shards for a predetermined exotic weapon, and one armor piece for each class.

Additionally, players can purchase a Fated Engram from the vendor for a hefty fee of 97 legendary shards. If there are any exotics (excluding quest items) remaining for your vault, this engram will guarantee you get one.

The weapon this week is a solid choice, especially for PvP although it did recently receive some well-deserved nerfs. Hard Light is an exotic auto rifle that before the latest changes was dominant in the Crucible, thanks in part to its ricocheting bullets. It can also be handy in PvE activities thanks to the ability to swap out its elemental affinity.

As for the armor, Hunters can grab the Gwisin Vest chest piece. Besides the rather handsome appearance, the exotic is also perfect for those that enjoy the Spectral Blades super. With the exotic perk, kills you get before going back into stealth will restore super energy.

For Titans who enjoy any of the solar subclasses, the Hallowfire Heart is back in town. This chest piece’s perk reduces the cooldown times of Solar abilities while your Super is charged up and ready to go. As such it lends itself to an interesting playstyle of holding on to your Super for jus the right opportunity.

Finally, Warlocks have a decent grab this week in the form of the Apotheosis Veil. The exotic helmet is multipurpose and very generally applicable, as the perk instantly refills your health, melee, grenade, and rift energy upon activating your Super. As such it can be paired with nearly any subclass and have equal value.

Most every class has a decent option from the tentacled merchant or at least a useable exotic if not top tier. For those disappointed with this week’s selection Xur rolls, the good news is that he will next week with a new host of weapons and armor.