Blizzard Rumored To Have Shipped A Possible Encrypted Build Of Diablo 4

Blizzard Rumored To Have Shipped A Possible Encrypted Build Of Diablo 4
Credit: YouTube via IGN

As the hype train building up to Diablo 4 continues to pick up more and more speed, there’s always something else in the works. According to Wowhead, a site that keeps an incredibly close eye on all things Blizzard, the developers have shipped an encrypted build.

This encrypted build is highly suspected to be the latest working “vendor” build of Diablo 4. As virtually all of the Diablo team is working from home amidst the pandemic, this build is meant to allow them to continue working and testing their game.

Unfortunately, encrypted builds are… well, encrypted! That means that we won’t see any datamining to reveal what might be included in this build, so the secrets are going to be staying with the development team.

We’ve gotten a great amount of information on the upcoming title, thankfully. For example, HappyGamer discussed some of the new monster families that have been revealed and what the term means in the title.

That said, there’s still a great amount missing. We still have no clue on any sort of release date for the title, and the developers are hesitant to even give a loose ballpark of a date, including giving the fans so much as what year we could expect to see it in.

Sadly, there’s still so far for the team to go that these sorts of things can’t be guessed at yet, and would only serve to possibly disappoint fans. Moreover, setting the team to a date could threaten to force them to work harder to meet whatever date was set, potentially compromising the quality of the highly-anticipated title.

Blizzard has also had their hands full, and seem to be alternating between good and bad. It seems like for every success the company can grab, something happens to another title that sets everything else into a more negative perspective.

For example, the World of Warcraft community has been quite pleased with Blizzard lately. While Classic certainly has a few issues to sort out, Modern WoW has been treated well with double-experience and reputation buffs to help with social distancing.

However, the development company also earned the darkest mark in their career so far with this year’s release of Warcraft 3: Reforged. Joking called Refunded by much of the community, the title holds devastatingly low review scores from critic and casual alike for its unfinished, barely-playable status at launch.

Hopefully, Diablo 4 will be far from the same sort of a nightmare that was dealt with. Given that the franchise has been typically without much of an issue – if we choose to forget the strange history of Diablo 3‘s auction house, at least – we might be able to get along to the title without too much of an issue.