Darksburg Is An Upcoming Roguelit From The Developer of Northgard, Headed for Steam Full Release This Month

Darksburg Is An Upcoming Roguelit From The Developer of Northgard, Headed for Steam Full Release This Month
Credit: Steam XO

Darksburg is the latest title to come from Shiro Games. Prepare for a cooperative zombie rogue-lite that is headed for Steam Early Access. Players must assemble a team of survivors and defend the city from an undead horde. This game will challenge player’s teamwork in a creative and cartoonish land.

Cut through the shambling horde as you bring down tons of special monsters. Play as Varag the wolfman, Runolf the innkeeper, Sister Abigail the nun, and bounty hunter Rose. This game will continue to grow its roster bringing more heroes for fans to play as with every expansion.


Enjoy a coop experience as you take on procedurally generated cities filled with undead. Fight alongside friends, overcome the revenants, and escape the town before everything goes to hell.

Play as one of the survivors as they each bring unique skills and personalities into the game. Level and power them up with numerous skills and perks in each run. As you defeat the undead, you may find a way to end the plague that has taken over these once peaceful cities.

Players must master the ability to coordinate with each other. As they take on hordes of the infected, they must rely on only their friends to make it to the end. Bad coordination can bring the entire team down and doom an entire run.

Each time your level you can choose from 3 random perks. These perks can help players build up their preferred playstyle and make each run a perfect one. Create your preferred build and explore the ruins of the abandoned cities.

The entire city of Darksburg contains loot. Watch as the cities evolve in every run allowing players an opportunity to enjoy a changing enrolment. No two games are the same which increases the replayability of this title.

There are a number of zombie-infested locales for players to explore. Each one is a different section of town and comes with unique objectives and enemies. Enjoy the diversity of the map as you experience something new in every run.

Enter the city of Darksburg and enjoy this Early Access release. As an Early Access title, this game will continue to grow and evolve with new additions in future patches.

Darksburg is already available on PC as an Early Access title. The game is expecting a full release on September 23.  Be sure to grab this title early before its 1.0 launch to support the developer and gain the game early.