ARISEN – Chronicles of Var’Nagal Is Coming To PC Fans On Steam In 2021

ARISEN – Chronicles of Var’Nagal Is Coming To PC Fans On Steam In 2021
Credit: Steam XO

ARISEN – Chronicles of Var’Nagal is a new game from Belgium based indie developer Maratus Games. After gathering over 500 backers on Kickstarter this unique title is now fully funded. Enter into an intense narrative roleplaying experience that uses beautiful hand-drawn art.

Make choices in a story by using a deck of tarot cards. During this unique journey, players must build relationships and seek liberty from the worl around them. This is a powerful and beautiful title with a dedicated community just waiting for its full release.

In its core, ARISEN – Chronicles of Var’Nagal is a narrative card game that uses emotions to create stories. Enter a unique dark fantasy universe as you use unique cards to impact dialogue and interact with the world around you.

After a foreign army destroys your previous life it is up to you to adapt. Sold into slavery, you must use your phyiscal strength and strangth of mind to go on an epic quest for freedom.

Make friends as you cross paths with tons of different races, ages, genders and histories. These people will change your life and may become your closest friend or more hated enemy. It is up to you and your choices throught the title.

This hand crafted story has over 600,000 woirds built into it. Make unique decisions with real consequences as you begin searching for freedom.

In teh land you will meet elves, lizardmen, gnomes, shapeshifters and even the God-King Mehv and rebel Queen Nava. Using your emotion cards you will be able to shape your character’s persomality.

Using the feeling cards you can build relationships gaingin everything from a love to a nemisis. It is up to you to build up what you can in this strange and unique world.

This game is constantly replayable with tons of different endings. The art is goegeous with illustrations to unlock in the in-game gallery along with over 50 backgrounds that each goes to change the beauty of the world around the main characters.

This title includes tons of real life factors including xenophobia and racism. The world is designed to feel authentic and for fans to explore as needed to make it home safe with your family.

ARISEN – Chronicles of Var’Nagal is planning to launch in 2021. Till then, players must explore the Steam Page and website to gather more details about the unique lore found in this driving and persistant title. Prepare for a unique adventure in a strange land.