Are DC’s Birds of Prey Headed To Fortnite For The Battle Royale’s Next Crossover Event?

Are DC’s Birds of Prey Headed To Fortnite For The Battle Royale’s Next Crossover Event?
Credit: Fornite Official Website

Fortnite, the overwhelmingly popular free-to-play battle royale, has seen its fair share of multimedia crossovers. Stranger Things, Stephen King’s It, and most recently, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, have all had content featured in the game. Will DC’s upcoming Birds of Prey be next? The clues seem to point to yes.

The official Warner Bros. Pictures Twitter account recently posted a video of the cast of Birds of Prey, which included actress Margot Robbie, who’s reprising her Harley Quinn role from 2016’s Suicide Squad. The official Fortnite Twitter account responded to the tweet with what could be seen as a hint of what’s to come.

For the sake of being skeptical, it could simply be a reference to the fact that the film comes out soon. Birds of Prey hits theaters on February 7, which is less than two weeks away. Then again, the emoji definitely seems to be playing coy. What are you hiding, emoji?!

The plot thickens, as the Warner Bros. Pictures twitter responded with “can’t wait” and a kiss emoji. There are two likely explanations. One explanation is that it is simply a reference to the movie coming out and what we’re seeing is some friendly banter between corporate twitter accounts.

The second explanation, and the more likely one, is that Birds of Prey is indeed crossing over with Fortnite. Fortnite is more than just a popular video game at this point. It’s a force of pop culture that’s a great way to get eyes on a product. The fact that Disney thought it was worthwhile to hold a Rise of Skywalker event is a testament to how powerful a marketing tool it can be.

The next questions are what form the crossover is going to take and when it’s going to take place. While we don’t have any solid answers to those questions, we do know that it’s bound to happen soon given the film’s imminent release. What would you want to see out of the crossover? Clown makeup? Harley Quinn’s famous bat?

Birds of Prey, full title: Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), features a host of female DC characters, including Huntress, Black Canary, Gotham City police detective Renee Montoya, and the titular Harley Quinn, portrayed by Robbie, who also produced the film. The film is part of the DC Extended Universe and is a canonical follow-up to Suicide Squad.