Acer Claims ‘Overdrive Mode’ For Its Nitro XF2 Monitor Can Hit 0.2ms Response Time

Acer Claims ‘Overdrive Mode’ For Its Nitro XF2 Monitor Can Hit 0.2ms Response Time
Credit: acer

Just a week after launching the Predator XN253Q X, Acer has unveiled the new Nitro XF2 monitor.

While the Predator XN2 reportedly can achieve 0.4 milliseconds of response time, this one effectively cuts that in half.

The monitor is equipped with enhanced WQHD2 (2560 x 1440)with up to 170° viewing angle. There are two variants of the Nitro XF2–the 25-inch model and the 27-inch model. The only difference is the size, however.

Both displays boast of a 240Hz refresh rate with a native response time of 3ms. But on overdrive mode, the response time drops to 0.3ms for the 25-inch Nitro XF252Q. Amazingly enough, the response time for the 27-inch Nitro XF272X further drops to 0.2ms.

The brightness level is also rated at 400 nits, including a max contrast ratio of 100,000,000L:1. The displays also have DisplayPort connectors and two built-in speakers, although there’s no rating on the audio.

As a rule, if you are a gamer, you want the response time to be as low as possible. In the same vein, the refresh rate should be as high as possible. The maximum refresh rate for today’s monitor is 240Hz. For the response time, a 0.5ms would be suitable for your needs.

The Nitro XF2 achieved both with flying colors, at least on paper. Here’s a bit more information regarding the response time and refresh rate.

Acer said they used the latest technology to equip the monitors with hyper-realistic colors. Since it’s HDR-ready, the whites are whiter, and the blacks are blacker, and any color in between. The transition in colors are smoother, and the shads are finer. The 90% DPI-P3 and the Delta E<3 color accuracy ensures a uniform distribution of hues all around.

All those hours put into gaming must be straining to the eyes. The Nitro XF2 features the BlueLightShield™ technology, which lessens the blue light exposure. The monitor also comes equipped with Flickerless™ technology to reduce backlight flickers. You can also use ComfyView and Low Dimming to cut eye fatigue and glare from the monitor.

The best thing about the Nitro XF2 is that it’s even cheaper compared to the Predator XN2, which sells for $499.99. The higher-end Nitro fetches the same price; however, it’s 27 inches compared to the Predator’s 24.5 inches. If you think that’s too high a price, opt for the 25-inch Nitro instead at $349.99.