New Rivals, A New Team, And New Pokemon Come To Pokemon Sword And Shield

New Rivals, A New Team, And New Pokemon Come To Pokemon Sword And Shield
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Pokemon’s Twitter announced only a few days ago new information would be brought to light for the upcoming Sword and Shield. While still in the midst of great controversy and heated debate, what the game is bringing to the table is sure to spark all kinds of theories and topics.

A surprise met those who tuned in to the video, one likely not seen coming in the slightest.

Firstly, the new Pokemon. Like Alola before it, we’re seeing regional variants, this time Galarian forms. We get a new Weezing based on smokestacks and sports the Poison/Fairy typing (a typing that was sure to have happened at some point), a new Zigzagoon line that comes Normal/Dark, along with a brand new evolution in the burly Obstagoon, something I can safely say no one saw coming. Dark-type lovers rejoice; there’s new family coming.

We also see Galar’s Pikachu, Morpeko, a hamster-like Electric/Dark Pokemon with a signature move in the form on an electric wheel that changes type based on which form its in, Full Belly or Hangry. Might we see it pull some shenanigans at the next VGC like Pachirisu did? Who can say.

New rivals for the region are here as well. We get Bede, who seems to be the physical incarnation of smug, and user of the new Galarian Zigzagoon line, and Marnie, shrouded in mystery and surrounded by her fans, who happen to be the villainous Team Yell, sporting vuvuzelas, posters, and a loooot of face paint.

We’re still three months out from the release date, and whether for the game or against, there’s plenty of eyes locked onto whatever announcement we get for Sword and Shield. The National Dex, the number one source of controversy about the game, still seems to be on the outs, but time will tell just how final of a decision that will be when Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield launch worldwide November 15, 209. Until next time, stay and play savvy, gamers.