A South Korean Rating for Silent Hill: The Short Message

A South Korean Rating for Silent Hill: The Short Message
Credit: Gamer

Today, ratings were given out in South Korea for two video games UNIANA published. This company is well-known in Korea for having published several Konami games there. Nevertheless, there is one, in particular, that has piqued people’s imagination, and that would be Silent Hill: The Short Message.

Gemtasu was the one who discovered this new game, but as it has yet to be formally announced, we only know a little about it. There have been rumors and leaks of new Silent Hill releases for years now. The rumors have been around for quite some time. One of the rumors suggests that a P.T.-style teaser for a new game, which will be free to play and has the codename “Sakura,” will be released soon. There have already been a lot of people that speculate that it is what The Short Message is.

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The South Korean game rating board has included it on their list; therefore, regardless of what it is, we may assume it is somehow a game that can be played. In addition, it was ranked in the same category as the infamous eFootball 2023. Regardless, we have yet to determine when The Short Message will actually be released. Some people assume that it will be released in time for Halloween or The Game Awards, but until Konami makes any announcements, all we can do is wait.

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There have been more leaks and rumors regarding various Silent Hill games. Still, there was controversy last week due to DanAllenGaming mistakenly revealing that he was TheRealInsider, a leaker who had been providing material violating an NDA. Allen admitted that he had wholly invented rumors regarding Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid, even though many of these leaks were proven to be accurate, building up their reputation as an insider as their namesake says they should have.