A Modern 60fps Gaming Experience On Your Desktop Does Not Have To Cost A Lot With This Wreck Spec Junkyard Salvage

A Modern 60fps Gaming Experience On Your Desktop Does Not Have To Cost A Lot With This Wreck Spec Junkyard Salvage
Credit: PCGamesN via YouTube

With a myriad of gadgetry and gaming rigs coming out, it’s quite easy how many people get entangled with expensive premium brands. And as technology and the need for higher specs units become much more needed, the desire to be at par with the latest innovations almost always becomes a desire for every gamer.

But because technology is always moving, the next flagship processors and those super-speedy GPUs just pass until the next higher capacity premium comes around. As such next-generation gaming rigs turn into a shadow of its former self.

The ultimate question for most gamers though is when they would stop customizing their PCs and be happy with their units for their current gaming needs. This might be quite hard to answer, considering that we are driven by always wanting something better. Though it may be hard to imagine with all the high specification requirements of most modern games, it is not an impossible feat.

What the PC industry offers and something everyone fails to consider is that everything can be upgraded without spending too much overhead on something new. Just imagine having a still-working console from the 2010s which can be configured to play with the high-graphic settings of some of the modern games.

The Wreck Spec PC was built by a team of computer experts who were trying to prove that a custom-built gaming rig doesn’t have to be expensive. The team salvaged their upgrades from other people’s PCs, coming up with a real innovation from cobbled PC parts.

The team used a 2011 Intel Core i5 2500K which still has the capacity to run high-performance games. The GTX 970 GPU was also salvaged from other computers and used to run the Wreck Spec PC. The gaming rig was kitted with the MSI Z77A-G45 motherboard, 1TB Seagate hard drive and 250GB Crucial C400 SSD for its primary storage. The salvaged PC also had the Corsair 450W PSU and an Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 for its cooling mechanism.

Overall, this ancient gaming PC does not only have its age to add to its numbers but works exceptionally with graphic intensive games like Civilization VI and Far Cry: New Dawn. Knowing the specs of each component allowed the team to develop a gaming rig that you do not have to put a lot of investment.

This is the real power of technology. You do not have to spend enormous amounts and customization can be worth all the effort despite your component’s age.