The Sega Genesis Mini Might Be Good At Reviving Classics, But Game Preservation Still Pose A Big Question

The Sega Genesis Mini Might Be Good At Reviving Classics, But Game Preservation Still Pose A Big Question
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Gamers who’ve been itching to get their hands on classics will find the Sega Genesis Mini a great console to relive old games. There is another problem though, recreating classic titles will be a backward move considering the advancement of the gaming industry over the years.

Unlike television or film, the gaming market has just been around for nearly fifty years. And it’s nowhere near the timeline of cinema or the boxed screen. But despite being a relatively new form of entertainment, the gaming world has rapidly advanced in a short span.

The complexity of every game, the play mechanics, and even mainstream adaptation of the industry grew pervasive in just decades. Nonetheless, some people are still interested in experiencing retro classics which has been influential in today’s modern gaming experience.

A revival of the classics can be gathered from the Sega Genesis Mini, to cater to classic gamers. The handheld console can play some of the most popular classic video games through its line-up of game collections.

This micro-console connects via a TV screen or monitor. It features a collection of rereleased classic games from Japanese game developer, M2. Some of the more popular titles from the 42 games include Mega Man: The Wily Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition, and Earthworm Jim.
Though packed with titles, there are Genesis original sports games that are not included, such as NBA Jam.

One other problem of running these low-resolution games on an HD screen is that they appear more like the Rorschach inkblot test. It does not provide convenient gameplay, and you will end up with just the frustrations of not reliving your childhood memories.

There are, however, some alternatives to acquire the original quality of video game rereleases. One is Digital Eclipse, vintage game emulator able to capture the real essence of classic games. The company has focused its strategies in the rerelease of old games on console and PC. So far, one of the best titles they were able to bring back is Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection.

With the constant advancement of the gaming world, it is doubly hard for game preservation to find its own niche in improvement. Rereleasing these games would require adaptation of the old gaming technology or improving what we currently have to include the retro game versions and releases.