2020 League Of Legends World Championship’s Pick’ems Have 230 Fans Left For A Perfect Prediction

2020 League Of Legends World Championship’s Pick’ems Have 230 Fans Left For A Perfect Prediction
Credit: LoL Esports

The 2020 League of Legends World Championship has wrapped up their quarterfinals matches and is heading into the semifinals. With the playoff season nearing its conclusion, another tight race is stewing in the distance: the Pick’ems predictions. The fan-participated competition is trimmed down to 230 players left playing for the perfect run, or 0.0047% participants left. The semis starts on October 24, and so will the Pick’ems.

Riot Games decided to include their fans for every World Championship, besides just for viewing the matches. The competition lets fans to predict the main events for a chance to win exclusive prizes. Throughout the years, this task has proven to be extremely challenging to be 100% correct. For last year’s tournament, only one person of the millions of participants won all five ultimate skins.

For the Group Stage, only 3,050 fans earned the title of Baron Nashor or perfect predictions out of millions of entries; the result was a mere 0.095%. For the Group and Knockout Stages, that number was further decreased to 574 after the first two games of the quarterfinals, and only 230 fans made it to the perfect run. Those people guessed (or anticipated) some of the most unexpected results in this year’s Worlds, such as G2 Esports 3-0 victory against Gen.G and Fnatic bowing to Top Esports in a reverse sweep.

For those new to the system and want to join the competition, albeit being late, you can still head to the LoL Esports’ Pick’em website and login with your Riot Games account. The semifinals’ picks will be closing on October 23 at 11 P.M. PST. For the upcoming semis games, fans have a chance to earn 500 Orange Essence, while the Finals will reward a Hextec Chest and a key.

The perfect pick rewards include five Ultimate skins for DJ Sona, Spirit Guard Udyr, Pulsefire Ezreal, Elementalist Lux, and Gun Goddess Miss Fortune. As the World Championship scales bigger each year, Alienware has sponsored the 2020 Pick’em. The official webpage writes, “This year we are happy to announce an exciting new perfect pick prize – an exclusive Alienware Aurora Battlestation! You can play like the pros on a replica of the Battlestations used at the 2020 World Championship!”

Recently, the European team G2 Esports shocked the LoL community when it overcame the 2020 LCK champions, Gen.G, in a clean sweep fashion, 3-0. Caps and the rest of the boys will be facing another South Korean team, DAMWON Gaming, on October 24 at 3 A.M. PST. On the day after, the two Chinese teams, Top Esports and Suning, will battle each other for a seat in the Finals.