Xbox Head Phil Spencer Says Microsoft Is Taking Proactive Steps To Improve The Production Of The Xbox Series X And S

Xbox Head Phil Spencer Says Microsoft Is Taking Proactive Steps To Improve The Production Of The Xbox Series X And S
Credit: Xbox Via YouTube

After years of anticipation, next-gen consoles are finally here from Microsoft and Sony. Both consoles have gone over pretty well with their respective fanbases since launch, but the real major downside thus far is their limited availability.

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2021 has finally come to wash away the terrible year that 2020 was, but it’s hard to find a next-gen console. Finding them in retail stores is very difficult and even though supply is better online, this route often leads to overpriced units. Scalpers have certainly taken advantage of the law of supply and demand, but their days could be numbered for the Xbox Series X.

As availability is still a growing concern amongst Xbox fans, Phil Spencer decided to weigh in on the matter and perhaps bring some comfort to those that haven’t been lucky enough to find a Series X or the all-digital S. In a recent podcast with Director of Programing for Xbox Live Larry Hryb, Spencer said Microsoft is trying to figure out ways to make production more effective.

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That includes working with production partners like AMD directly to see where improvements can be made. It’s clear: the Xbox Series X and S are popular systems and that’s a testament to their incredible specs and technology. If Microsoft wants to be successful this generation, they’ll have to provide more supply sooner rather than later.

Spencer never went on record saying when exactly this production increase will go into effect, but some have guessed as soon as April. Until that time, if you want to get your hands on the coveted Xbox Series X or S, you’ll have to time the market.

Some retailers provide updates on their stock so staying in the loop this way is a great way to improve your odds of landing either console. Or if you’re willing to pay a high price, those that have stocked up are also an option. Although, paying more isn’t recommended because it’s essentially rewarding those that take advantage of limited new consoles with purchasing bots and other systems.

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Plus, there aren’t a ton of exclusives out right now for the Xbox Series X and S so until stock improves, there is nothing wrong with waiting around playing games on your old hardware. That’s what a lot of gamers have done and so far, it seems to be paying off. With any luck, production will see a dramatic increase in the early part of 2021.