Xbox Game Bar Team Unveils New Widgets From XSplit, Razer and Intel For PC Gamers

Xbox Game Bar Team Unveils New Widgets From XSplit, Razer and Intel For PC Gamers
Credit: Xbox Wire

Two days ago, during Inside Xbox, the Xbox Game bar team announced a new update that will leave fans excited! It’s the new “Xbox Game Bar,” which plans to remove the stress of gamers having to alternate to “Alt + Tab” when wanting to separate games during gameplay on their PCs.

According to the Xbox Game bar team, widgets for apps such as Razer’s Cortex and XSplit’s Gamecaster are coming directly to Xbox Game Bar! Also, Intel would integrate its features of the Intel Graphics Commander Center in the Xbox Game Bar during Spring this year.

How to Find, Install and Manage Widgets from the Widget Store
For those already subscribed to Xbox Insider Hub, there’s a way set out by the Xbox Game bar team, to discover and start using their new favorite Game Bar widgets. Here’s how to activate it: In the Game Bar menu, there’s a new entry in the interface that is designed to launch the Widget Store in the Game Bar menu.

Right in the Game Bar menu, gamers can browse and find new widgets and also manage the installing and updating of their widgets without ever needing to exit the Game Bar. Quite easy, yeah?

The Bar that Makes Streaming a Piece of Cake – XSplit’s GamecasterGamecaster Widget
This new streaming app is now available with an included Xbox Game Bar widget. XSplit’s integration with Game Bar widget gives access to on-demand Gamecaster tools that are crucial for easy transitioning without having to tab between gaming sessions or apps.

Gamers can quickly start and stop their broadcast, have chat sessions, check events statistics that help increase viewer engagement, and optimize encoding setup to guarantee high-quality streaming—thanks to the Gamecaster widget.

Also, the widget is fully customizable, so this gives gamers access to venture in on features important to them and even tag those they need to be present on-screen during gameplay. Talk about next-level stuff.

For those already a Gamecaster user, visit the Microsoft store (or the widget store in the Game Bar) to download and activate the Gamecaster widget for Xbox Game Bar. Or non-users can visit XSplit to download the full Gamecaster app with the Xbox Game Bar widget pre-bundled.

Yet again, another feature that ramps up your gaming performance— Razer Cortex and Razer Gold
One widely used app in the PC gamers community is the Razer Cortex with System Booster. However, the Xbox Game Bar team announced that gamers could also download the Razer Cortex BETA widget for granting easy access to vital Cortex features like Restore and Boost.

By taking advantage of this feature, gamers end unnecessary services and processes running in the background PCs that there can be more space for optimal gaming. Also, with the Razer Cortex BETA widget, gamers can easily view the latest and ‘coming soon’ paid to play games that grant Razer Silver.

To earn some Razer Silver, players would have to log in daily, play, and redeem Razer Silver for some cool rewards that include— games, Razer gear, exclusive gift cards, and much more—all in the widget.

Gamers can also get the best deals via the widget by clicking game deals to see a comparison across PC game stores.

Those interested can visit the Razer’s website for more details on the Razer Cortex win32 app and search for the Razer Cortex Beta widget in the Game Bar widget store or Microsoft Store.

Games with a preexisting Razer Gold wallet can enable the new Razer Gold widget. For those who aren’t aware, Razer Gold is the virtual credits by Razer for gamers that offer exclusive digital content and game deals.

Also, there’s room for earning Razer Silver by spending Razer Gold, which happens to be the loyalty rewards program for gamers. Find Razer Gold widget in the Game Bar widget store or Microsoft Store.

Finally, Intel partners with Xbox to bring Intel’s Graphics Command Center
Xbox partnership with Intel comes with specific features that are available in the Intel Graphics Command Center (IGCC) to the Xbox Game Bar. However, this feature will only be available later this spring and will give early access to power profiles, capture features, game streaming, and display settings.

If you want to test these widgets now, join the Xbox Insider Hub or the Windows Insider program. For game developers, there’s an SDK waiting just for you! This means more customization-based widgets on the go!