World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth Gets A New Pet Battle Dungeon, Blackrock Depths

World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth Gets A New Pet Battle Dungeon, Blackrock Depths
Credit: Cymre Jones via YouTube

Another pet dungeon has launched to test the ferociousness of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth gamers’ pets. Blackrock Depths Pet Battle Dungeon will be officially available for players to enter the secret lair of the Shadowy Figures on Jan. 14.

Blackrock Depths is the newest of five pet battle dungeons and features many elements that World of Warcraft veterans know all too well.

Blackrock Depths has been around the first World of Warcraft and is the lava-infused home of the Dark Iron dwarves.

To be able to take part in the Blackrock Depth Pet Battle Dungeon, one must first complete the other four dungeon quests.

• “Wailing Critters” for the Wailing Caverns Pet Battle Dungeon
• “The Deadmines Strike Back” for the Deadmines Pet Battle Dungeon
• “Gnomeregan’s New Guardians” for the Gnomeregan Pet Battle Dungeon
• “Tiny Terrors of Stratholme” for the Stratholme Pet Battle Dungeon

The arena for this new pet battle dungeon is the Ring of Law, which is a feature in the actual raid.

Players and their pets will have to battle their way through nine stages if they hope to complete the Shadows of Blackrock quest. If they do so, the gamer will be rewarded with the Ultimate Battle-Training Stone, which instantly levels their pet up by 25 levels, as well as the Manapoof Link: Blackrock Depths, which will teleport the gamer from Manapoof to Blackrock Depths.

Players can pick up the Shadows of Blackrock quest by first talking to either Radek Fuselock in Dazar’alor as the Horde or Tizzy Gearjolt in Hook Point as Alliance. Once they do, they will get the Shadowy Showdown quest, which will lead them to Burt Macklyn, who resides in Blackrock Mountain by the portal for Blackrock Depths. Macklyn will give the Shadows of Blackrock Quest!

Just like all the pet battle dungeons, there are two different difficulty modes gamers can fight through, Normal and Challenge, and each difficulty has nine stages.

The significant differences between the difficulty modes are healing and level requirements.

For the normal difficulty, gamers will need to have at least one pet at level 25 to enter the instance. Players will be able to heal and revive their pets throughout the Blackrock Depths Pet Battle Dungeon.

Challenge mode is for the pet battle pros. Gamers cannot heal or revive their pets with Battle Pet Bandage or Revive Battle Pets for the entire dungeon. They must also have at least 15 level 25 pets and have completed the normal difficulty.
If gamers have followed the story of the questline, Blackrock Depths will finally allow players to unmask and take on the Shadowy Figures in their lair. Now, go exercise your pet!