With The Tokyo Game Show Approaching, Konami Revives The Suikoden Trademark

With The Tokyo Game Show Approaching, Konami Revives The Suikoden Trademark
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Suikoden’s trademark was recently updated by Konami, which has many people believing that disclosure could take place during the forthcoming Tokyo Game Show.

The corporation had already released the event’s roster, which featured a number of well-known games as well as something called “New Launch Confirmed.” The session in question is presently planned to last 45 minutes on September 16, 2022. In reality, the game’s updated trademark was submitted in Mexico at the end of July.

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The rumor that something from a lesser-known franchise like Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, or Castlevania will be shown at the Tokyo Game Show is one that has already been circulating among inquisitive fans on Reddit and Resetera. Suikoden’s last substantial installment was released in 2006.

Konami has previously stated that voice actor Yuji Kaji will deliver its major surprise, which only fueled the fire. In the video games Suikoden 2 and Suikoden Tierkreis, Kaji played the role of Jowy.

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According to a listing for the Tokyo Game Show, voice actor Yuji Kaji will be welcomed as a guest to speak on behalf of a series’ devoted followers on the introduction stage for a new Konami game.

When the PlayStation game of the same name was published in 1995, Suikoden as a franchise was born. Over the next ten years, a number of sequels were released, with Suikoden 5 being the final one in 2006. Since then, Konami has mainly disregarded the series, but a few spinoffs have been created; the latest of these will be released on February 9 for PSP.

Outlaws of the Marsh, also known as Water Margin, is a classic book that served as a major source of inspiration for the franchise. This well-known story centers on a band of 108 heroes who overthrow an unjust regime. Similar to this, all of the Suikoden games revolve around the 108 Stars of Destiny, a group of characters that team together to battle a common foe.