What Time Does Apex Legends Season 7 Start In The UK? Launch Time For The Next Big Update

What Time Does Apex Legends Season 7 Start In The UK? Launch Time For The Next Big Update
Credit: Respawn via YouTube

Apex Legends Season 7, as confirmed by Respawn, starts at 4 am on November 5th. That’s Thursday. Tomorrow. This is an odd time for the update to release, but this is done to ease server pressure on a day that is expected to see huge increases in player base across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

The launch of Season 7 will coincide with the launch of Apex Legends on Steam for the first time. Season 7 will also feature the first next-gen upgrades for Apex when the PS5 and Xbox Series X launch later this month. All in all, this is going to be a massive season for Respawn’s Battle Royale.

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Season 7 is likely a pivotal season for Apex Legends. Although Season 6 was largely successful at launch, and the cross-play Beta rolled out with almost no problems, the game has seen better days in terms of Twitch audience and approval in the community. Multiple big personalities have signed out of professional play and opted to stream other games, citing problems with the game’s audio and other issues.

With the launch of Season 7 at 4 am tomorrow there is hope that Respawn redeems Season 6 with the delivery of amazing content, and the first sneak peeks at the game thanks to the EA Partners does show a totally different Apex Legends experience. There’s a brand new map, Olympus, an expected new legend, Horizon, and the introduction of the Trident Hovercar.

On top of the big changes, the patch notes for the update are substantial. There are hopefully positive changes to game audio – a problem that Respawn has noted in the past – as well as further meta and balance changes for legends and weapons. Expect nerfs to the Hemlock, a buff to Pathfinder, and the reintroduction of the almighty R-99 to the loot pool.

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If you want to play the game on Steam you can already pre-load it ahead of the 4 am launch on Thursday, although there is no such option to pre-download the patch on console yet. Season 7 will likely be a big file – due to the new map and legend being added to the game – so set aside a while for the game to get ready before you jump into Olympus.